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    Camping Spots - Northern NSW

    Just moved up to Tweed Heads in the last few months due to a promotion at work. We were at the Blue Mountains and enjoyed the 4x4 tracks/camping around the area. We are now looking for some good/great 4wd tracks and camping areas that the wife and two kids (girls 7 & 9 yrs) can get to and have...
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    Walkabout, the Bendethera Valley is certainly a great place to go and have some fun. We were down there in Easter 08 and it had been raining. We did the Mericumbene Trail from Moruya back to the valley. It was a great trip, low range, up and down hills. Well worth it. Looking forward to getting...
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    Help - Track File Upload - Garmin

    Hi. A newbie to this forum, but what I have seen it's great. I have a Garmin 60CSx GSP. Trying to do the right thing, but unable to upload a track file of the Barrington Tops/Gummi area. Edited the track and saved it as .gdb file. Followed the bouncing ball on the track page. Got to the...