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  1. pody


    Hi new to the site some great pics there! Here's a few of mine just a few different things.
  2. pody

    Mazda Bravo suspension lift

    Just reading the latest 4wd Custom Action and it has an article on raising the IFS rigs they give you the max lifts for various makes and a couple including mine apparently can go up to 75mm. What i want to know is what do they do to overcome the problems associated with raising them to...
  3. pody

    Nissan Patrol 2.8 intercooled turbo diesel 1998

    like your avatar Frosty! looks mad
  4. pody

    Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser 1997

    Looks like you scored a deal there mate!
  5. pody

    Mitsubishi SWB Pajero 2007

    Mitsubishi SWB Pajero, 2007 Good Points Same 3.2 litre motor as the bigger 4 door but 400kg lighter! Pulls like a demon! was 125kw 370nm, now 140kw 440nm 3 doors! I just like them! looks chunky! Bad Points Understeers like a mungrel! Not enough clearence! Not enough...
  6. pody

    First post

    Hi all i'm new to the site and what a great site it is i can see that there is a wealth of knowledge and info on here ! I'm sure you guy's will be able to answer all my queries. Top Site!