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  1. warfer

    Woods Point Deisel Situation

    Hiya I was up that way again this weekend,After coming in from Noojee,Walhalla etc i needed fuel for the next day after going through one jerry lol.You have two choices now.The Old General Store has been bought by the Mine and converted into offices.The bowser opposite is now run by the Woods...
  2. warfer

    Never Ending Story MARCH 2010- 3 words per post ONLY

    leave RUBBISH behind
  3. warfer

    Quit Smoking Using Champix

    Yeah good luck mate,Ive never smoked.Anyway hav been trying to talk my 17 year old daughter to piss the fags off...Just learned about Champix in this thread so may hav another chat to her.(i know its her that has to want to give up) I thought i read somewhere that 90% of smokers will try to giv...
  4. warfer

    Never Ending Story MARCH 2010- 3 words per post ONLY

    Just like Maralinga
  5. warfer

    Never Ending Story MARCH 2010- 3 words per post ONLY

    Pig-rooted there 4by
  6. warfer


    Let me rock the'd put a locrite locker in de rear and air at de front...
  7. warfer

    Appox $ of dual battery system

    That what i own Turbo Diesel all the way Rodw...Yep your right to your opinion but you replied to my reply about the TJM IBS System and stated that it only charges the batt to 60% and your opinion is wrong in my case thats all :) (Although i thought your advice you heard somewhere else ???).I...
  8. warfer

    UHF chatter

    Yep its a sad state of affairs,They even broadcast (chat) on emergency channels,Heard an announcement a couple of times for them to get off,They were not in a hurry either..
  9. warfer

    Appox $ of dual battery system

    ***Yes well, it looks like the TJM stuff is very similar to the ARB isolator. With the current Diesel CPU managed engines, I am told that with a conventonal charging system like you and I have got, you only get your battery charged to about 60% of capacity because of ht elow regulated f=voltage...
  10. warfer

    Mt Disapointment - VIC Closed

    Thats great,All they hav to do now is apply the same fine to people that leave smashed stubbies in fireplaces and surrounds,litter etc etc and hopefully we'll see it slowly clean itself up.Oh i did not mention all the used crap paper too scattered throughout bush..
  11. warfer

    I'd second that !
  12. warfer

    Am Cb???

    I think that anyone that brings out like a sideband unit will do excellent in the marketplace..(basically a UHF and AM in one)
  13. warfer

    Camping, Fishing and 4wd

    Felsy why did you go and buy a piece of crap like that for lol....Only joking you'll love it,need any info on the Hilux just text me..Welcome and goodluck...;)
  14. warfer

    Well only if the Government can cash in on it's is worth something and a damn shame..Your spot on though.Hopefully one-day Rudi you'll be recognised for your selfless work.I know you dont do it to be recognised but i believe you should..Welcome to the site and hopefully we'll catch up one day...
  15. warfer

    Occasional 4x4'ers: 5w handheld vs 5w vehicle UHF

    Hiya bmurray I bought mine for about $360 from the radio warehouse about 2 years ago now.They sell them for $379 at this stage...When you have an incar unit your right 2w will generally get you by for when you walk away from the vehicle etc etc... thanks for your points of view..:):)
  16. warfer

    Diff Breathers... Help.

    Hiya Watt I bought the kit from Piranha (priced well) and they are great and quick to install..If you search google one company brings out a cnc block to hold the breathers under the bonnet (quite flash imho)..Dont forget transfer case... Diff Breather Kits - Default Store View Goodluck