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    HN7 to Windows 10

    Thats exactly what the post from 2020 above yours states.
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    150 prado coil removal

    @camo4. Most importantly you forgot to mention undo brake and abs lines unless you want to damage them.
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    New Memory Map for All

    The Latest Version requires ios 11.4 plus. The reason the download button doen't show in my case as my old pad runs 9.3.5.
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    New Memory Map for All

    Maybe im not getting any update notifications because i'm using an old hand me down ipad on 9.3.5 and its not compatible to the new firmware . Not an issue as my main Nav is Oziexplorer.
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    New Memory Map for All

    Hi Kevin ,can you clarify about this 2022 update as i have the Hema 4wd on my ipad and i can't see any new updates for it neither from the app store or from there Digital Map Store. Cheer's