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    trouble downloading tracks

    I've tried downloading the tracks as .gdb format, but my browser just loads another page full of script looks like: ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ How do I use this to save to my GPS? Thanks
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    HELP...... Laptop/GPS which way to go

    Hey Rod, Thanks for the info. I'll check it all out in depth and at my leisure... I don't think I'll be getting 'serious' about it just yet however, I've saved the bookmarks and when I find the cash I'll have a crack. Cheers Hando
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    HELP...... Laptop/GPS which way to go

    rodw, just wondering how you get the screen to display what you want like that?
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    Another Sleeping Tip

    Thanks for the tip Dingo. I love my big airbed. It's comfy as.
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    2nd hand UHF

    Thanks for your input folks, I would like a new one... due to lack of funds I may have to go for a good 2nd hand unit and try to find a bargain. At least now I know that there isn't too many reliability problems. :)
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    Coffs Harbour Area Feb 2010

    Anybody want to do a trip in the coffs harbour area Feb '10 ? I'll be up there for a wedding and don't know the area. Nothing too hardcore please. Cheers
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    Nissan Pootrol 1999

    explain the nissan wobble?
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    2nd hand UHF

    Hey folks, - curious to know what you think about buying these things 2nd hand. I was thinking about getting a dash mount GME or similar but don't know anything about their reliability etc. Is it worth it???
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    Lift or Tyres?

    I'd go the tyres first, just ask your self which is necessary. We can live without lifts but can't without the tyres!
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    Hi There

    I'm new here. I've got a fourbie and a family looking for some easy tracks to get out there and have a bit of fun and maybe with other families too.