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    Inskip video

    Top job mate
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    G'day all...

    gday mate how things and welcome
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    Decent 4x4 mechanic in newcastle

    Do not no what price you be looking at for a diesel give Darren a ring and have a talk to him
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    g'day all

    GDAY mate welcome .
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    Decent 4x4 mechanic in newcastle

    Try Darren at Bellevue motor's 19 Wallsend RD Sandgate PH 49 60 9166 . He nose a lot about 4wd's He look's after my patrol strongly recamend him and his worker's
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    Another New Hornsby Man

    no problem No problem just give me a bell when you can . :)
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    Hi Folks

    Gday mate welcome
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    Camper trailer

    Top looking camper trailer
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    new member

    Gday and welcome
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    thanks all
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    Another New Hornsby Man

    Gday mate i am up at Lake Macquarie give us a pm and i will let you no when we go out again
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    New Hornsby March 2009

    Gday and welcome i am new here as well
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    keen fisherman

    camps/fishing Try east side of lake Macquarie down near Gwandaland . Try useing google maps type in city of lake Macquarie to find how to get there
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    thanks mate
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    Toyota Lancruiser HZJ-75 1991

    Nice looking cruiser
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    gday i am niss i love my 4wdriving i am another nissan driver . I do have a big family 5 good kids one very good and understanding partner
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    Beginner :D

    gday mate good to see another nissan driver in the world