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    WA - Alkimos Wreck 4WD track

    G'day, I'm just wondering if anyone knows that best way to get to the Alkimos wreck (in WA) by 4WD. I had a quick look at google earth and saw plenty of 4WD tracks but couldn't make out an entrance road or the best route to get there. If anyone has any tips or info on that region I'd be keen...
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    New Perth Member

    G'day Everyone, Just thought I'd introduce myself and my 4x. I've just gotten back from the UK with my wife and little lad after a 3 year stint over these working and travelling (and freezing...). JUst bought my first 4x4, a Holden Frontera, V6, 3.2ltr, LPG. I wanted a Pathfinder but couldn't...