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  1. danhilux

    Sand tyres

    i agree 100% with chopper, i have mud terrain's and i went further with them in the soft sand than my mate that had all terrain's....great traction all round with the bfgoodrich muddies. had them so far for about 30 thousand k's or so still got heaps of tread....
  2. danhilux

    2004 Rodeo dud or not?

    i know a mate with a diesel rodeo had to get a rebuild about 120k's on the clock. the mech said he does diesel engines in that model rodeo all the time. not exact sure on the year, 2002 or newer i think...
  3. danhilux

    Crusierlad Going To Mt Mee

    im keen to go...i've been to pac pines and springfield - goodna since the storm and there were trees down all over the tracks...makes it interesting heh
  4. danhilux

    NJ Pajero A/T and Engine Warning Light Coming on.

    how good is WD40.....!!!
  5. danhilux

    15" vs 16" Rims

    yea, once you get the bug its hard to stop. i had to put a 2" lift to fit the 33" tyres but i did have 31" tyres before and once i put the 33"s on the overall difference with tyres is awsome would never go smaller again. there's no comparison the bigger the better, ( within reason of course ).
  6. danhilux

    15" vs 16" Rims

    i run a bfg muddy 33x12.5x15 and my gearing etc has been affected very little certainly not enough to have to spend any money on gears etc probly feel it with like 37's but not much with the 33's im running
  7. danhilux

    15" vs 16" Rims

    yea 7 inch rim. i'd go the 33's i dont think power would be to much prob i put 33's on my 2.8d lux and it goes fine if i were to go much bigger than that say 37 it might slow up a little. fuel isn't as bad as what i had heard it would be also. not sure bout the cv's i havent broken one yet spose...
  8. danhilux

    Crusierlad Going To Mt Mee

    i can probly go on sat.....
  9. danhilux

    15" vs 16" Rims

    is should be engraved on the wall of the rim somewhere....
  10. danhilux

    NJ Pajero A/T and Engine Warning Light Coming on.

    hi mate how did you go? i'd probly check the wires where you think the prob is ie. alt etc with a multi metre to check and see whereor if it is losing power making those warning lights come on........
  11. danhilux

    are nissan patrols better than toyota land cruiser

    yea1 no 1 truck is better than the other. about the only thing standard on comp trucks is the cab and even thats modified usually heh
  12. danhilux

    Looking to buy used 4wd, Any suggestions??

    yea the 2.4 and 2.8 diesel engines arent the quickest things but its a 4x4 anyway they have good low down torque which is great for 4x4 and there tuff as nails. not that its needed but you can always add a bolt on turb for a reasonable price and you'll go anywhere and do anything without...
  13. danhilux

    Rant on youtube

    lol does he live in a box or just to sheltered that he's never had the opportunity to actually go 4bing. someone should take him than he would find something better to do with all his time....
  14. danhilux

    hilux alternater gets wet

    hey mate, i have a 96 lux (2.8d) and dont mind the mud or water cant say i have had any probs with alternater. cant say ive had water over the bonnet for any length of time but quick crossing and stuff....