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  1. Gunna Do

    G'day all from QLD

    Yeah I tried fitting two thermo electric fans on a 60 series Cruiser a few years back after the original fan clutch packed it in. The electric jobs only just did the job and I eventually ended up buying a new clutch for the old fan and refitting it as original.
  2. Gunna Do

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome to the site, and good luck with the move.
  3. Gunna Do

    Hey all

    Welcome. Look forward to seeing a couple of pics of the Pajero in action.
  4. Gunna Do

    G'day all from QLD

    TPJ77, Welcome to the site. At $800.00 for the Rangie you could afford to put a bit of money into it, and not have to groan everytime you put a little bush pin striping on it. It's not what you drive or what it cost, so long as it gets you where you want to go and home again.
  5. Gunna Do

    hello all from spuddy

    Welcome to the site Spuddy. I'll have to keep an eye out for you in Muswellbrook if I knew what to look for.
  6. Gunna Do

    HI all

    Welcome Brendan. Not a bad Christmas Pressy, got to be happy with that.
  7. Gunna Do

    gday guys

    Neilly, Sounds like a good buy, it's good when you can buy something and all the hard work is already done and you get to enjoy it.
  8. Gunna Do

    Nissan Patrol Question

    VIV11V, I have owned my '98 2.8ltr GU Patrol from brand new and it has done over 140,000 k's. I had a problem with a shudder in the motor/driveline when I first bought it, which was fixed under warranty, and since I have had no trouble at all.(touch wood) I believe there is a problem...
  9. Gunna Do

    Hi from Gunna Do

    Yeah Gunna, I should have done a little checking before I signed on.:( Perhaps we are related, although by the look of that beak I cannot see any family resemblance. LOL :eek:
  10. Gunna Do

    Me and my Landy...

    Welcome Daniel, Certainly well travelled by the sounds of things. Web site was great, and you are right, if you are out and about it won't be hard to find you. LOL If you are ever around the Hunter Valley let us know.
  11. Gunna Do

    Hi From spoonz

    Look forward to seeing some pics of the Hilux in action.
  12. Gunna Do

    gday guys

    The V6 would have made the 4runner come to life. Did you do the conversion yourself? Welcome.:)
  13. Gunna Do


    Can't be too bad if you drive a Nissan. Welcome
  14. Gunna Do

    G,Day everyone

    Hummer H3, look forward to seeing some pics of that in action. Welcome.
  15. Gunna Do

    Hi All

    From one Newbie to another, welcome.:)
  16. Gunna Do

    Trip report - Burgoynes Gap 28/12/08

    Top trip report, and it certainly looked like a challenging climb up the mountain.
  17. Gunna Do

    Club's on Mid Nth Coast

    Let us know if you are heading to the Barringtons, and we may be able to meet up with you there. Another good spot over that way is the Riverside Caravan Park at Glouster, it's a nice park situated adjacent to Glouster Tops National Park, and it also has some simple to extreme (maybe not...
  18. Gunna Do

    Which Camper Trailer Do You Have & Why

    Camp-o-matic Ranger XTC We had a home built off-road camping trailer for years, however this year we decided to get a little more comfortable whilst camping and bought a Camp-o-matic Ranger XTC hard floor camper. Should have done it years ago, so much easier than setting up a tent etc...
  19. Gunna Do

    Hi from Gunna Do

    Hi all, Luv this site, it is a bit of a cross between a couple of other forum sites I have been posting in (Cross between 4 wheel'n and camping, doesn't get much better). I have been camping for over 20 years now as well as owning a couple of 4x4s during that time (2.8 ltr GU Patrol is...
  20. Gunna Do

    Barrington Tops

    Turningcamo, If you are coming as far as Barrington Tops you may want to look at Stewart's Brook Recreation Ground which is on Muswellbrook side of the Barringtons. Directions:- Head towards the Barrington Tops from Scone, pass through Gundy after 19 k's, after a further 16 k's turn right...