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    Climate deniers view

    Its nonsense if its unregulated, the regulation makes it very profitable. I think in Aus, the regulation is something like 20 years, ie. you can only sell it once and it has to remain for 20 years. These PNG type Carbon Credits are worthless once the regulations are set globally. You could see...
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    Charging electric vehicles

    The Europeans use hydrogen to generate electricity to charge EVs which could assist in off grid locations having EV charging stations. Or where I say off grid, i mean maybe not able to create enough power to charge vehicles. Same tech that is is FCEV cars, a fuel cell to create the electricity.
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    Barrington Tops

    FYI if anyone likes Barrington the road has been reopened from Gloucester so hopefully those sites which were also closed are now open:
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    Dual battery setup

    Can I ask what the advise is on grounding in the back of a Hilux Twin Cab, back to the battery or to the chassis?
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    Help me understand how Solar is cheaper at home.

    Interesting, Batteries in general were in the negative return on investment recently due to the volatile markets. Out of interest, does below mean you would get 1 hour or so drawing 12.8kw with a 12.8kw/h charge?
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    35mm cable

    Its a Thunder DC-DC Battery Charger, says solar input MPPT regulated output (50v 300w max), yeah thats it, regulator, thanks!! Do you fuse it on the battery wire and the solar wire?
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    35mm cable

    Ah right i must have it wrong, its only for a 2 battery setup and one solar panel on my roof runing from the battery to the cab, I was watching a youtuber who said the voltage drop on standard cables is huge so go 35mm! I was thinking there is no fing chance I am forking out a couple of hundred...
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    35mm cable

    Hello, I know a simple google search should reveal suppliers of 35mm cable for a dual battery, but I cant find any (aside from industry wholesale). Is it hard to get hold of something like this, thought Jaycar, Repco, Supercheap, Bunnning etc but they only seem to do 7mm automotive cable...
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    Camper trailers - Which one to buy?

    Ahh come on, people are just excited to talk about their experience, maybe the guy hadnt thought of a roof top tent for him, his wife and teenage son! Oh and I live in Newcastle so dont go there.
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    Dual battery setups explained

    It is a closed tub but I am thinking I will DIY a box, good call on the inverter/car charger, I dont really need an inverter if I get a 12v charger so probably drop the inverter, then I only need a box with room for the DC charger and battery.
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    Dual battery setups explained

    If I want to put a dual battery under the bonnet of my Hi-Lux, I have a DC/DC charger with solar input which I will get. I was wondering how people then decide on how to get that power out. Was thinking of an outlet board in the tub so thinking Pure Sinewave for a charging plug for drone...
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    Lawn Care

    Hrmmm, I Newcastle based now, must have to update my profile! Thanks for the tips mate.
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    Lawn Care

    I am sure there are some avid lawn owners in the 4x4Earth club, I am not one of them. I bought a petrol lawn mower thinking it would make the job i hate, easier. However, with its weight, it doesnt glide over the lawn, it digs in making it a bugger to push. I am suspecting I need to scalp the...
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    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    The reports say the police have been investigating a crime scene and hope to recover bodies, he broke!
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    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    Anyone re-spraying a perfectly good car is nuts, I would have serious concerns if the paint wasn’t already faded, scratched etc , you are never going to get a better paint job unless you spend a fortune, in which case, exchange the vehicle. I wonder how many re-sprays of un-damaged no mark cars...
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    Camper in SA stabbed

    I remember my kids throwing dirt at some blokes tent, he came out fuming and accused me of being a bad parent! I had no idea they had done it and would have punished them accordingly if he didn’t start on me. That said, I have also asked politely of someone who was taking up the only LPG pump in...
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    The beginning of the future

    20 Miles range on the battery?
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    Battery Question

    Not an Aux, its the cranking one, dont have a winch or any accessories to power from the car, dont do many corrugations but I want it to be reliable, I always carry a jump starter battery but it seemed like it only gave me one start from a charge so I might have been in a false sense of security...
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    Battery Question

    Hrmmm, appreciate you responding I am sure, but there are only 2 terminals with a plus and a minus and I have a volt meter and am pretty sure Quality Control from Yuasa, Century and even SCA wouldnt get the terminals wrong if it is even possible with the design. Anyway, maybe will bump a response.
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    Battery Question

    Hi, I have a Hilux KUN26R Twin Cab Ute which will start with my auxiliary jump battery but not on its own. Running it was charging 13.7v I think (thereabouts) and when I looked at it this morning it was down to 12.3 but didnt have enough oomph to start her and because I thought I would get...