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  1. Hardpack

    shipping car & equipment interstate?

    Sorry, didn't realize this was an older post. I'll leave it up in case anyone else is considering something similar.
  2. Hardpack

    shipping car & equipment interstate?

    Some shippers won't allow any gear and the ones that do will have some kind of limit like you mentioned. There are a handful of shippers that offer moving services too so they can just as easily ship stuff separately from the vehicle if not everything fits. I've used A-1 Auto Trans in the past...
  3. Hardpack

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Jesus. You ever ride that thing?
  4. Hardpack

    Conspiracy Theories:

    That's a really good point.
  5. Hardpack

    Political correctness just going crazy.

    Wow. That's wild.
  6. Hardpack

    Tax free

    The religious exemption from taxation really needs to go away, especially like in this case when they clearly have business interests that generate significant revenue. One thing for donations & tithing, but if it's operating as a business, it should be taxed like one.
  7. Hardpack

    Any wonder there's a shortage.

    Having just paid for some basic plumbing work that took all of 15 minutes, I tend to agree.
  8. Hardpack

    Climate deniers view

    Thanks for this. It's hard to get purely scientific info that's not politically bent in some way so I'll definitely take a look at this.