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    V8 cruiser oil filter

    Take it back to toyota and give them a blast about it. At least if they stuff it they can fix it at there cost.
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    Icom anyone ?

    Thanks GXL4x4 I'll give them a call
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    Icom anyone ?

    Yep got a Icom 400 pro great radio has been program for 25w output just need to upgrade to the extra UHF channels now.
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    alternater charge

    Hi Tim I see what you mean, having a look at the charge curve. I will still do the test and post the results. Rossco
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    alternater charge

    HI DS I'll see what no b/s info I can track down. I'm interested in what you said about if the battery is low they won't put out 14.4V until later in the charge. Well I'll do a test, I'll drop the battery voltage down to 10.5V then see if the Ctek will put out 14.4V straight from the start...
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    Diesel filters

    If going after market used the OEM number and cross reference to after market. Don't try after market to after market cross referencing it gets totally out of wak. In regards to filters I personally only use Donaldson filters but there is Fleet Guard, Ryco, Wix and plenty of others. But from...
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    Which Fuel is better for you??????

    Also the higher the RON number the better resistance it has to knock in higher compression engines.
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    alternater charge

    Hi DS My original set up was Century 75Ah battery, Redarc SBI-12 soleniod, 16mm2 cable to and from the soleniod with soldered and crimped lugs. Originally it worked reasonably well but thinking about it now I would say the SBI-12 might have been the problem. In reguards to Battery makers I...
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    alternater charge

    Hi DS Thats interesting considering what the battery makers and Baintech told me. I have just installed a Ctek D250S on the patrol and have found that my aux deep cycle battery had a better state of charge than it would just using alternator voltage which mine is around the 13.7V. It was...
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    alternater charge

    Most will charge at 13.8V if the alternator has temperature compensation you will find the hotter it gets it's output will drop. This protects it from burning out. A thing to remember is at 13.8V it will not fully charge a deep cycle battery. This I have confirmed with Century, Federal and Exide...
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    Ultimate suspension

    I have spoken to Ultimate a few days ago about a 3" for my GU. So far them and Josh from Ridepro are the only guys that went into detail asking a heap of questions, requesting front and back axle weights, type of driving, modification, future plans etc etc. The guy from Ultimate told me if you...
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    What oil do you use and how do you look ater your 4by?

    Patrol TD42Ti uses Shell Rimula X oil, Donaldson oil filters serviced every 5000k's, Donaldson fuel and air filters changed every 25000 depending on conditions. Engined warmed up every morning before driving.
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    Dual battery Isolators

    WHat model Paj Webguy. Also look at a wet cell instead easliy mantained ( level low just add demin water ) and they handle the temps under the bonnet a bit better than AGM
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    Are you talking about the DC-DC charger or the normal dual batt kit. Have a look at ctek D250S dual battery system it also has the facility to connect a solar panel to it as well ( so no solar controller required ). I have one installed on my missus NS Paj and will be installing one on my GU...
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    Dual battery Isolators

    Hi webguy In our NS Paj I installed a ctek d250s dual battery system which is a DC-DC charger. The reason why I went this way was on recommendation from Century, Federal and Baintech ( Peter Blume ). They all said a altinator will never fully charge a deep cycle battery. They must be charged at...
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    Recovery points for NT Pajero

    I've also looked around for recover hooks for the missus NS Paj but alas no luck. I have read on the Pajero forum that the factory hooks strong enough for recovery. I use a strap and attach to both hooks pas & drivers side and pull from the centre of the strap. This balance's the load across...
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    Ctek DC - DC charger

    If anyone is interested in the ctek DC-DC charger the cheapest I have found is $355 on ebay including express postage from a mob in South Australia.
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    2 Stroke Oil In Diesel

    I wouldn't use 2 stroke oil in diesel if your 4wd is fitted with a DPF. Has been known to cause problems with Cummins engines DPF and EGR's. For the newer diesels with emissions DPF's I would only run a recommended diesel fuel additive, I run the Amsoil diesel fuel concentrate in my new 2009...
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    Meningie to Victor Harbour

    Thanks for the tip MJB. Sounds like a good plan. Cheers Rossco
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    Meningie to Victor Harbour

    That would be about right :( bugger