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    The jeep spot...

    mate i own a wrangler and stock off road they are amazing!!!!!! i only added bash plates and rock rails and i been places that others with all the shit couldnt get through,awesome clearance and a smooth ride plus crawler gears in low range are sick-drives itself!!!
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    um is a lift really just for more wheel travel? im thinking bout 2inch but i dont really get into rock crawling and things so do i need one? i got a jeep and she goes over sum pretty hairy lumps as is but i want to get sum mud shoes on her and is that also where lift kit comes in??? bigger...
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    hey thanks everyone for the info bout muds was good reading replies! going for the bf goods now got to get rims! its a jungle out there!! haha soooo much trick stuff to add it gets crazy.but its a hell of a goodtime on the tracks!!!! cheers again;)
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    muds?? too many!!!

    hi all just wanting sum REAL advice on gettin sum muddies and rims for my jeep? not sum sales jockey trying to make commision....any one got sum favs??? 4rock sand mud-i will just go with what most are running...cheers!
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    Where did you 4x4 this weekend?

    drove the old berrara track near sussex inlet today...awesome fun muddy and found a good decent into a river crossing and up a steep rocky hill..turned my black jeep red with mud from top to toe! sweeeet..where are these tracks near nowra? im keen to let me know.cheers m8.
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    howdy all

    hey there,is there some tracks round nowra?? cool im keen for a looksee im not real experienced but i have a brain so i think i be ok,im retired so anytimes a good time for offroad.
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    howdy all

    hi to all @4x4earth :D im new to the dirt game and having a ball!! its sooooo much better in a 4x4,i used to drive a little hyundai hatchback and took it to some crazy places like gnarloo up in northern west oz but it was limited hahahaha now with my jeep i can find all the surf and fishing...