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    Building a Rear Bar

    Chech out (just signup if you haven't already) - there are a lot of people building rear bars for themselves and there are some very interesting variations. Cheers John
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    Vehicle Nicknames

    Yeah Frosty - and he put the rump in grumpy. Not to mention that anything with a "Toyota recovery vehicle sticker" on it would have to be called a "wishan" - or should that be "dreamin" ?
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    Landcruiser sahara 2005 suspension

    Sounds like a grey import, is it? I'm pretty sure only the Lexus 470 had AHC in 2005. Best bet is to check out Cheers
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    Noob - points system and GPS coords

    Now this has turned out to be an amusing "community minded" discussion, I really should sit dowm and work out how to upload and download all this stuff. I know my location (Tas) won't help many, but I notice there is often discussion about camping spots for when people tour down here and I can...
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    Noob - points system and GPS coords

    Bye Hazza - enjoy the other sites mate, it is a free country.
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    Ultimate Camper Trailer

    cloughcarib - I haven't heard about them being unstable on severe roads, I tend to do the "float over bad corrugations" trick at whatever speed suits the conditions and the Ulti has always behaved really well. I've had it flick around behind me whilst on "opposite lock" on loose gravel but...
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    When to say No.

    Justice Geez Stets - really makes you wonder about "justice" - good on you for doing what you did, pity it couldn't be seen by the authorities as the right thing to do under the circumstances.
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    Ultimate Camper Trailer

    Ahhh - Feral, you get what you pay for. Went for a 2 night "get away" Thurs/ Friday last week, camped in a really lonely spot trying to enjoy the serenity on my own and a group of 4 showed up with swags and tent/cot style setups. Around a shared fire over a few tinnies (mine were cold out of the...
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    Planning a Trip to Tassie from BNE

    Trip Hmmm - I'm in Tas and travelling to Brisbane via Canberra in Feb returning in March. I'll be putting together a "rough" itinerary because I don't like travelling to a scedule, I'll aim to drive to somewhere but if I spot something worthwhile, I will change my plans readily. I have been...
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    Which Camper Trailer Do You Have & Why

    Ultimate Built my own offroad setup out of a little 12" wheeled Campomatic flipover hard floor many years ago, can't remember offraod campers being made back then, Bugger - think I missed a real opportunity there! Recently upgraded to an Ultimate with a lot of fruit. Reasons are many but...
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    HELP...... Laptop/GPS which way to go

    "Cons - will have to have laptop infront of me while navigating. We have an old Paj and not much room in passenger area. We have suspension seats so cannot tuck harddrive under them. If problem with Laptop - have big problems navigating outback tracks." I really hope you will also take paper...
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    Traveller's Trip (long winded & pics)

    Pretty brave talking about "proof that Tasmanians can swim" disparagingly - when you have been climbing the hospital walls - was it the psych ward?
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    Hi quote "U gotta pay to play"

    Welcome G'day Diesel 'n' Dust, I agree, focus on tracks and places to camp is great, enjoy. Cheers John
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    Toyota 200 Series Twin Turbo V8 Diesel 2008

    Yeah and the majority of that was TONGUE IN CHEEK........
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    Toyota 200 Series Twin Turbo V8 Diesel 2008

    Lc200 Yeah, I'm probably jealous, not sure - do I really want to hang on to my 2005 LC105S with all the goodies including grazes and other character features (SWMBO calls 'em dents)....Hmmm Congratulations, nice TRUCK - now stop *****ing about fuel consumption, you increased the tyre size so...
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    Name that place!

    Yes - BUT where is the photo taken from? Correct bmurray2250 - and the photo is taken from a very under-utilised lookout. It's from Cashs Lookout, after the bushranger Martin Cash. Makes it a little more interesting if you research Cash but the drive up to the lookout is really worth it. Easy...
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    Name that place!

    Ekki - sounds like you know it well but I drove to the lookout. Fristy - Not Wineglass Bay, further south.
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    Name that place!

    Correct about the Eastern side - did I make it too easy ? Do you think you know where the photo was taken from ?
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    Name that place!

    New name that place. Well here is a go - dead giveaway, it is in Tas.......... Should make it a little more difficult by asking "Where is the photo taken from?" The location of the photographer taking the pic (Me) is a really worthwhile trek if you are in the region.
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    Name that place!

    Falls Russell Falls in Tasmania