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  1. Jeeptheone

    Ebay Camper Trailers Australia

    We bought one of these Market Direct Camper Trailers (Camper Trailers Australia) last year and have been pretty happy with it. Reason we bought it off ebay was that instore the trailer we wanted retailed for $10990 and we spotted the same trailer on ebay from the same place and we won it for...
  2. Jeeptheone

    Jeep JK Wrangler 2008

    And a few from Ripley again! JTO
  3. Jeeptheone

    Jeep JK Wrangler 2008

    Also some pics from Camp Coffs last year and some other trails. JK has now been returned to stock and I am investigating another lift and tyre option:) JTO
  4. Jeeptheone

    New 2012 Wrangler????

    A new Rubicon with the 3.6 and the auto would be nice! JTO
  5. Jeeptheone

    Gday from Booga

    Bought time m8, great to see you on the forum. Now we need some pics:) JTO
  6. Jeeptheone

    Jeep Kj Cherokee, Limited 2003

    Yeah mate, and several other forums:) JTO
  7. Jeeptheone

    Jeep Kj Cherokee, Limited 2003

    Really like the KJ's and heaps of mods that can be done. JTO
  8. Jeeptheone

    The mighty black Jeep!

    Yeah the JK fan and water dont really mix and have seen a few die. JTO
  9. Jeeptheone

    Jeep JK Wrangler 2008

    Geez, Its been a while since I was here and thought I better update the JK. Now on a 3.5" lift and 35's. JTO
  10. Jeeptheone

    Toyota Hilux SR 2007

    That frame and rack looks heaps functional and will go great with the lux so far. JTO
  11. Jeeptheone

    Jeep JK Wrangler 2008

    Thanks mate, Also a vid of a creek section. Wa heaps fun and tight! YouTube - Glass House creek bed JTO JTO
  12. Jeeptheone

    Jeep JK Wrangler 2008

    Offroad on Moday at the Glasshouse before little red:) Rims were bought 2nd hand from another jeeper and are Cragar Soft 8's in 17 x 8 with a 4.5" backspace. JTO
  13. Jeeptheone

    Nissan Patrol ST GU iv 2007

    Great canvas to start from, nice rig. Best part is modding it your way:) JTO
  14. Jeeptheone

    Jeep JK Wrangler 2008

    Finally got some steels for the beast! JTO
  15. Jeeptheone

    BFG KM2s life??

    Had my set on for the last 12 odd months and have done close to 20000km on them for both extensive road use and at least offroad 1 to 2 times a month. They are currently sitting around the 80% worn in my opinion. Magic offroad as well and quiet on the hwy. JTO
  16. Jeeptheone

    Jeep wrangler TJ 1997

    Great pic, looks like a fun place to have a wheel JTO
  17. Jeeptheone

    How did everyone spend Easter 2010

    Easter was spent letting the kids search for tadpoles and frogs, play in the water and watch dad get stuck! Ah the Aussie bush is awsome JTO
  18. Jeeptheone

    Jeep JK Wrangler 2008

    Did the Opposite Lock Challenge this weekend and came 4th in my class. Bumed out on one track and lost massive points but heaps of fun. Here are some pics from the last track. JTO
  19. Jeeptheone

    Janowen Hills 4x4 Park

    Love your vid on the tyre:) Park looks rocky in sections and that is always good and will be a bit different with the recent rains. Thanks Mate. JTO
  20. Jeeptheone

    How Many Qld'ers are going to the 4wd show this weekend

    Anything new at the show this year? Seems to be same same these days and nothing really spectacular. JTO