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  1. eric9VR

    Buying used 4x4

    Yeah, that's a pretty nice price. But I would inspect the condition in details. If you're considering about getting a reliable used car, I can definitely share with you this site which is full of profitable used cars' options, where you can even compare one model with another, before making any...
  2. eric9VR

    Changes to Shannons insurance policies .

    I think you're right on that one. I think there are plenty of such moments in insurance agreements and policies, which allow insurance companies minimize their expenses and give it all to pay for a client. Talking of which, here is a resource ( link...
  3. eric9VR

    Conspiracy Theories:

    dno67, thanks for that diagram. I love conspiracy theories and everything which is related to astrology, and how it can touch our lives, and how different numbers can show us right answers. For example this site ( ), I found it recently and...
  4. eric9VR

    Roadside Assistance - Insurance verses RACV, RAA, RACQ etc

    Yep, I've also had it as a free addition with my insurance agency, for the first year. I've been searching and finally found a great resource where author gathered all the information about possible insurance cases ( over here: ). I can highly...
  5. eric9VR

    What music do you listen to?

    Alt. Rock, mostly Linkin Park ...