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  1. J

    Sun rises or Sun sets

    Sunrise in Boracay back in 2015.
  2. J

    Swag or Tent

    I have both, but I personally prefer using swags more than tents.
  3. J

    What music do you listen to?

    There is really something about James Arthur song. Time to grab some sleep, good thing I just installed a cat door since my Siamese is not yet at home.
  4. J

    Google Maps VS GPS Navigation

    I always defend on Google Maps, so far it helps me to reach my chosen destination.
  5. J

    Instagram upload from PC

    I haven't tried uploading photos on my Instagram account using a computer, will it work?
  6. J

    Your mobile phone pics & tips

    Tip: Make sure that he is exhausted from playing and in a good mood.
  7. J

    R u ok?

    Just a newbie being an intruder here on this thread.