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  1. cruiser

    Camping Southeast QLD.

    Did you read the whole article? It will be free for one weekend a year!!!
  2. cruiser

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Not sure what i'll do as its only a kit lens,might just save for a better one:) That's a good question! My 2 1/2 year old tells me she put it in there but i find that hard to believe,because the camera bag is out of her reach.
  3. cruiser

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    When you're out camping and you go to get your lens.And it rattles?? On closer inspection i see this for those of you that cant make it out,Its a 5c piece....
  4. cruiser

    Mt Mee

    I was up there today,The only track that i could find open is the main track to the camping grounds everything else was still closed!!!
  5. cruiser

    Easter at Bribie

    Didnt think it would take long!
  6. cruiser

    Easter at Bribie

    Sorry site has been taken....
  7. cruiser

    Easter at Bribie

    We have a spare site on Bribie island(tent site only) for 2 adults and 2 children.. It is for beach camping..We had some friends coming but they can no longer make it and we didnt want the site to go to waste. if you are interested let me know and i can PM you my phone number. the dates are...
  8. cruiser

    26th/4 Bribie Island day on the beach Cancelled

    Thats a bugger.We are there from the 22nd-25th..
  9. cruiser

    bribie inland track

    No Mate,The site is still saying the 25th of this month.. Bribie Island Ocean Beach- Changed beach conditions, washouts present . Gallagher Point track and campground closed. Northern Access Track closed north of Poverty to all traffic (Department of Environment and Resource Management)
  10. cruiser

    Quit Smoking Using Champix

    I was also a smoker of around the 17-18 year mark,Used to smoke around 80 a day,but in the last couple of years had cut back to 40 a day,Well as of the 15th of this month it has been 8 months since i have had a smoke,Had tried champix before but didn't work for me. So I used the lozenges for...
  11. cruiser

    bribie inland track

    Going for a run up there today,leaving in about an hour..
  12. cruiser

    Day run 5th or 6th June

    Thanks for the run yesterday was good to get out and do few tracks.. click the link below to see the video Goodna 4wd pictures by cruiseruser - Photobucket
  13. cruiser

    Millmeran Camp Oven Festival

    Looks good,put us down as a TBC,thanks
  14. cruiser

    puppies for sale

    Homehardware has had the technology for years,he will just use a dogalogue :p
  15. cruiser

    Paypal query

    The only thing i can think of is to send the item registered post,That way you can track the item with a tracking number,If its not registered post then you may have some problems.
  16. cruiser

    Bribie Island Australia Day

    low tire pressure thats the key!!
  17. cruiser

    Expressions of Interest

    MIGHT try to make this one..see how we go!!!!
  18. cruiser

    Bribie Island Australia Day

    I resemble that remark
  19. cruiser

    Bribie Island Australia Day

    count us in...3 kids 1 adult... and me
  20. cruiser

    How Much Do We All Miss BIG RIG

    I think he might be pulling the navara out!!!!!! even though it is a Prado