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  1. owenk

    Nissan Navara D40 ST-X 2007

    I have a diesel d40 with the 143l brown davis tank fitted. Its great to forget about filling up most weeks. I am a little disappointed though because I only seem to get about 120 litres effectively - i actually ran out and could only fit 122 litres in. Could it be the pickup is too high or...
  2. owenk

    Lokka Diff Locks

    The problem with assessing auto lockers is you never know when you might have got stuck without them. Have just spent a week on fraser on western side and inland tracks loaded up with camping gear for 4 and never looked like not going forward.
  3. owenk

    Kilcowera Station Outback Qld

    Can you post some contact info for the place. Sounds like a good place to take some city kids for a while. Thanks in advance.
  4. owenk

    Mk Triton

    I'm pretty new to the whole 4WD world but my work car is becoming my hobby. I think Fraser Island has become my favourite place in the world. I've just got to learn how to catch a fish now. A friend introduced us to geocaching recently and the family loves it. What better reason to spend the...
  5. owenk

    Good everyday tyres ?

    I have Dueler D694 A/T's. They handle the black top really well (quiet, grippy, not sloppy cornering and don't often evoke a response from the ABS) and they handle sand, gravel and a bit of mud with ease.
  6. owenk

    Fraser Island

    If you want to get away from the crowds head for the Western side. Awinya creek has no facilities but is a beautiful part of the world. White sand, blue ocean and blue skies. Access via the inland tracks is a piece of cake but you do have to cross the creek so aim to arrive at low tide.
  7. owenk

    Chescold RC1180

    We recently acquired the same model. Left it sitting on the verandah in near full sun on Moreton and had to turn it down to stop everything freezing. Haven't yet given it a run on gas. That will be this week coming.