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    4wd Tv

    I used to watch all the time but comp truck scene doesn't tickle my fancy... If there were more trip footage it would be better but i realise this prob costs more to film.. Without being picky is it just me or cant he speak in a flowing manner its like every bit is punched out in a spurt and...
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    Picked up my exhaust

    Have fun with the dump to turbo its tight up there... the dump is a mighty big open tube bend compared to the closed off cast bit.. wait til you see how small the stockers hole is versus the outside size... you can't even roll a golf ball through the stocker cheers utemad
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    Just ordered 3inch mandrel with dump

    Did you find its not the earth shattering power improvement but more the improved drivability and the reduced turbo lag ... Before i got it done i was scared to get off the loud pedal for fear it would take half an hour to build up steam again... the dump and exhaust fixed that and the tune did...