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  1. steve80

    GQ patrol roof consoles-buy or diy

    Better to make I reckon, then you get what you want. Not Nissan but heres mine. Rear interior light is not in in this pic but done now.
  2. steve80

    landrover discovery 2 td5 1999

    Nice mate I've had 2 of them. Good vehicle:)
  3. steve80

    Toyota Landcruiser HJ60 1989

    Gotta love the 60's, nice
  4. steve80

    Toyota 80 series Landcruiser 1994

    Nice 80 mate
  5. steve80

    Toyota FZJ80 Landcruiser 1995

    Nice mate I had same color one while back
  6. steve80

    Toyota Landcruiser 1992

    Nice rig mate I've had 2 x 80's love em
  7. steve80

    Flip up wagon windows

    Would love them on mine
  8. steve80

    not a Great Wall x240 2010

    Geez that's a pretty sweet looking GW mate, definitely the best I've seen around
  9. steve80

    Battery set up

    No probs mate
  10. steve80

    Toyota Landcruiser 2000

    Now your talking Muzza would love one
  11. steve80

    Toyota Landcruiser 2000

    Thanks mate yeah has an extra or 2 Cheers Steve
  12. steve80

    Battery set up

    Hi David I'm not 100% sure but I think the T/D comes out standard with 2, but I think the 6 and V8 are standard with 1, someone will correct me if I'm wrong
  13. steve80

    Toyota Landcruiser 2000

  14. steve80

    Toyota Landcruiser 2000

    Toyota Landcruiser, 2000 Good Points Comfortable, capable and luv driving it Bad Points Fuel economy What mods have you done? ARB bar, IPF lights, UHF, Sideband AM, Triple batteries run off 2 x separate piranha solonoids, snorkel, Full length rack, Highlift/shovel holder...
  15. steve80

    Toyota Landcruiser 100 1999

    Great setup mate
  16. steve80

    Toyota 105 series Cruza 2003

    Looks good Muzza
  17. steve80

    Show us ya 100

    Thanks Brian cheers mate
  18. steve80

    Show us ya 100

    Hi Brian thanks mate, nah made it myself. I have older radios (UHF & 27 meg sideband) and due to their size the 100/105's don't exactly have a lot of options to mount them when you still have the original double din radio so I knocked that up to house them. Its good as it also has 3 x 12v...
  19. steve80

    Show us ya 100

    Nice rigs here is my 105
  20. steve80

    Tragic boat ramp accident

    Geez you be spewin poor buggers