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  1. stressless

    Info Please

    Yeah it is a long way off.... just looking for general info as all my maps have it marked as "rough 4x4 track only" Also looking at alternatives and ideas.
  2. stressless

    How often do people go 4wding?

    Not enough...... We are mid- late 40s kids are adults they look after themselves now.... Work commitments make it hard for us, We try to get away a couple of time a year i.e Easter is somewhere different every year for about a week.
  3. stressless

    Info Please

    We're looking at doing the Big Red Bash 2018, Thinking of heading out though Cameron Corne, Merty Merty, Moomba and across the Walkers Crossing track. So I need Info on Walkers Crossing Track please. Tried looking for it in the track data base with no luck.
  4. stressless

    Ipad Mount help needed !

    Not wanting to start an argument,But do you also put your Navigator in the glovebox as well?? lol. I use my iPad as a navigator as well as for mapping, its a bit hard to hear it when in glovebox when its on turn by turn mode.
  5. stressless

    Ipad Mount help needed !

    I use a Ram mount with twin suction cups. Look at their web site you can custom make them. Great product IMO.
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    They grow so fast.

    I can remember went i joined the Army at 18 we all shaved whether you needed to or not. I can remember our Sgt saying "One in all in, go though the Action's if you don't need a shave" It did look funny see some of those blokes using shaving cream and a razor with no blade in it.
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    never ending story 2017

    and all around
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    Easter trip.

    Im planning a trip up to Rover Park over the Easter period. It will be a family friendly trip with the usual QLD crew coming along. My plan is to leave the Central Coast on Thursday the 13 Apr and head back home on the 18-19 Apr. Here's the link If your interested in...
  9. stressless

    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    I tend to watch All 4 Adventure ant Pat. I like A4A as its more about fun with the boys. Pat seems to be more family friendly touring with some good trips, Watched last weeks show when he did the caves to caves witch I enjoyed. thats a trip I'd like to done.
  10. stressless

    Im Back!!!!!!

    Its been awhile but I'm back!! Just been busy with life and not getting on here. So i thought I better say Hi again........We are looking forward to heading down to the 10th Vic gathering this year. Im going to get back in the swing of things again.
  11. stressless

    Hi Club 4x4 Im having same problem went nominate a day to call back. Could you please call back...

    Hi Club 4x4 Im having same problem went nominate a day to call back. Could you please call back Tuesday the 24/01/2017 on Ph 0448222259 please.
  12. stressless

    Easter 2016 Long Weekend

    This is the caravan park we are looking at. This is the link We did look at Lorne Station but couldn't find any reviews, the only 1 we found was not a very good review. We need to know numbers NO THAN mid November as we will organise to reserve the sites...
  13. stressless

    Easter 2016 Long Weekend

    Hi Fella's We are organising a trip out to Lighting Ridge for the 2016 Easter Long Weekend. I know its a long way off but we will be staying in a van park for the security, and there is no free camping in the area. We have already got some of the QLD crew coming. If anyone's interested in coming...
  14. stressless

    Its Quiet on 'Earth. Whats Been Keeping You Away?

    yeah he is Roger but we have been out for a while. As you know life gets busy so I'm hope that we will start getting back out on the tracks again soon.
  15. stressless

    Its Quiet on 'Earth. Whats Been Keeping You Away?

    its been a while for me, I've been busy with work n life in general. So can't wait to to get back in the swing of things. Cheers Darren.
  16. stressless

    Peeing off Truckies, something to think about !

    Unfortunately we have some Cowboys in this industry, there's no condoning that sort of behaviour. Sorry to hear about your experience. Most of us are not like that. I know we ALL NEED TO SHARE THE ROAD and common sence needs to play a BIG part in road safety.
  17. stressless

    School me on EFS shocks

    Ive got EFS shocks with Dobison springs on my patrol very happy with them.
  18. stressless

    Peeing off Truckies, something to think about !

    Not trying to start an argument, Ive been a long distance driver for the most part of my truck driving career. As far as I'm concerned it is unacceptable for this to be happening as there is BIG SIGNS TRUCKS ONLY at most of the big parking bays. WE as truck drivers can only drive up to 5-6HRS in...
  19. stressless

    Respect To All Truckies

    Being a truckie I hate this time of the year on the roads as people are in holiday mode and just DONT think about what they are doing. My pet hate is when they driver halfway up the side of you and just sit there when your trying to merge,I have 5 indicators down the side of my truck and they...
  20. stressless

    Blue Rag to Talbotville

    Hi Richard, Last year it took about 3.5/4 hrs but from memory there was about 8/10 cars. All you need to do is turn right where we aired down last year. Hope you guys have a great trip. Darren.