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    new to 4wd

    hi chezza :)
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    Hi all

    hi Steve88 and welcome the mitsys do every now and then suffer from over heating oil in the autos usually resulting in loss of drive(even with coolers). haven't heard of it happening in your model. if you do lose power or drive all can do is pull up and wait if it to cool down it will return...
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    new to the site

    hi bigfoot
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    Cooloola Recreation Area (Cooloola Beach)

    there goes the last qld free beach drive i bet they don't fix any thing
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    Landcruiser Park For Sale

    located in Jimna about 60km north west of Kilkoy. Landcruiser Mountain Park Jimna|wilderness camping|4wd offroad tracks|Mud Bulls and Music - Home they have directions on the web site :)
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    33 on 15" rims are the same size as 33 on 16" rims all you'll achive by changing rim size is less side wall on 16" rim and in most cases more expenisve and limited range of tyre. if diff clearance is what you want you need bigger tyres eg 35s or straddle the ruts your wheel placement is a big...
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    toyota 4runner 1984

    nice rig you should have open diffs all round try just a rear locker i have an arb air locker in the rear only pushing 31s have found places where a front locker would be nice but never really needed it, you will be amazed by the rear locker alone compaired to the open diff
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    welcome vincub
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    Landcruiser Park For Sale

    yep me 2 i've going for a hell of a lot of years now with and without my family and always have a great stay it'll be a shame if it closed
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    Hmmm toyota goodness

    i kinda like but is it live axle front or are we still going backwards??
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    Landcruiser Park For Sale

    Landcruiser Park For Sale???? I've just heard that Landcruiser Park is up for sale or maybe sold and closing soon can any one out there comfirm this? If so when? My source said the army has bought for a rifle range! And this Mud, Bulls & Music is the last??? As a regular visitor to the park...