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  1. xtrailer

    walhalla area ??

    I'm thinking of a trip after the tracks open in November, now have Pajero with all terrains but no lift or snorkel. Would tracks like Mormon town, Britannia and Maiden town be suitable if dry?Have done Cricket ground track in the past which i would rate pretty easy in the dry. Staying clear of...
  2. xtrailer

    MU-X 2013 -> Technical Info

    Any news when the euro 5 engine will be launched? overseas markets seem to be offering a 2.5 twin turbo engine with 120 kw and 400 Nm, would the current offering be better or may the cabin also get a facelift with the new euro 5 model?
  3. xtrailer

    Lighting for camping

    Have been researching LED strip lights and am wondering if the white / amber combination lights are worth it for the extra money? Do they help reduce the mozzies or is a kit with a dimmer for the white light enough for the casual user?
  4. xtrailer

    MU-X - problems, issue or complaints ?

    Having driven petrol engined vehicles all my life i think any diesel for me would take a bit to get use to. It's a great vehicle for the coin.
  5. xtrailer

    MU-X - problems, issue or complaints ?

    Went for a test drive recently in an auto and found that it seemed to ride pretty smoothly and body roll was not too bad. In terms of engine and driveline i thought the engine was a bit noisy under acceleration and while travelling along in top gear around about 80 km/h the engine had a flat...
  6. xtrailer

    Pajero roof rails.

    Cheers, not really interested in removing roof lining to do this so i would have to adjust the roller door stop accordingly.
  7. xtrailer

    Pajero roof rails.

    Just interested to know if the factory roof rails can be removed to allow for greater clearance when parking under lower garages etc? I know it would only gain 40 - 50 mm but would be beneficial if i was to buy a late model Pajero. I'm not sure if any water issues would arise in the rail...
  8. xtrailer

    Subaru Forester v Hyundai Santa Fe

    I too have owned a softroader for around ten years, done some moderate tracks but by no means steep or rutted. I'm looking forward to updating to a real 4x4 in the future, most likely Pajero or MU-X. If i had my time again i would have not bought the softroader cause it has too many limitations...
  9. xtrailer

    Subaru Forester v Hyundai Santa Fe

    Of these two vehicles the forester is lighter and has 220 mm clearance v 185 mm for the Santa fe.
  10. xtrailer

    4wd track close to Melbourne for mini training session

    Bunyip state park and Neerim South areas also have a good variety of track grades.
  11. xtrailer

    Nissan Xtrail 2008 Ti

    Sorry to hear about the xtrail, a sad way for it to go, the main thing is that you escaped. As a fellow xtrail forum member you proved that with the right mods you showed the big boys how it was done. Best of luck with the replacement fourby.
  12. xtrailer

    2x4 tracks

    On gentle grades with a generally smooth gravel base it will handle easily. Introduce some conservation mounds (spoon drains) and / or small rutted sections and clearance will become an issue. A smooth base water crossing up to 350mm should be ok , any deeper and a blind should be considered...
  13. xtrailer

    State parks to national parks

    So basically it's better to vote Liberal and keep what we have , even if a camping charge maybe payable?
  14. xtrailer

    Any easy track around Nagambi Heathcote?

    I'm looking to visit a place called Whroo historic reserve which is between Negambie and Rushworth in Victoria. Here is a link to the parksvic page.
  15. xtrailer

    7 seater 4x4 ?

    I think your budget would buy you a younger pajero such as a NS or NT which are both common rail injected diesels, with the NT being the better for fuel consumption. It may be hard to find a 120 Prado with the D4D engine in this price range, if your in luck get the vehicle thoroughly looked...
  16. xtrailer

    MU-X 2013 -> Technical Info

    Any information in regards to servicing costs for the MU-X. Mainly consumable parts such as fuel and air filters and lubricants etc.
  17. xtrailer

    Subaru's @ Glasshouse Mountains

    Great tracks and nice video, well done.
  18. xtrailer

    Easy Day Trip for Newbies & Less Experienced

    This is the type of trip which would be run, they are driven on proper tracks which aren't just flat.
  19. xtrailer

    R51 Pathfinder 140 Kw engine

    Hi Guys, i like the specs of the last R51 pathfinder, do these engines still suffer from timing chain failure as reported in the pre 2010 versions? If there are any other issues worth knowing that would also be helpful.
  20. xtrailer

    New Member

    Iv'e done a trip up to Mt Saint Lenord then down to block 4 road, camm survey road, siberian road etc. Grab a rooftops map and pick some of the main tracks in this area, your road tyres should be ok if you keep off the steeper muddy ones.