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    whats the difference between swb and lwb rear springs.
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    Valvoline Super Diesel 15-40

    yep new filter, supposed to be a top brand filter, i put nulon back in, its back to what it was, very happy now.
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    Pajero Reliability - 1990s vs 2000 up

    i've had a 1990 ng deisel for three years, does over 500 k's a week, only big thing was the head gasket which can go on any car any time, with regular oil changes these things can go for over 500 000 k's
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    mitsubishi triton 1995 MJ luxury 5sp manual

    so the plate on the front of your vehicle is not correct, or if the info is not correct someone buggered up your rego.
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    Stupid Stupid Council Workers

    your not alone there, our council is going backwards, because of their stupid roads im now looking at replacing my third windscreen in two years. i've sent the official letter with photo's and have also contacted my local and federal members, if they can spend 100 000 dollars a bloody round...
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    Mitsubishi Pajero EXE Turbo 2.5 Turbo 1990

    Mitsubishi Pajero EXE Turbo 2.5 Turbo, 1990 Good Points diesel, good clearance, reasonable economy, fun to drive Bad Points non really, sway bars bushes are a pain to replace. What mods have you done? driving lights, changed to truck style mirrors, uhf , What mods are on...
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    mitsubishi triton 1995 MJ luxury 5sp manual

    just to let people know in nsw, don't show pictures of your number plates 26/11/2011 2008 BLACK TOYOTA HILUX 150 SER UTILITY The details for the vehicle you entered are displayed below. Plate Number: IF087 VIN/Chassis: ********1393 Tare Weight: 1710 kg...
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    fuel and oil additives

    the only stupid question is the one that never gets asked.
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    Valvoline Super Diesel 15-40

    i put penrite diesel in mine last oil change, never again, i will be dumping it soon and going back to nulon diesel oil. the penrite takes to long to get to the top of the engine and since putting it in i have notice smoke coming out the pipe. also with the nulon i never had to top up, but...
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    gear knob

    i know about the tighten then loosen trick, used it a few times, i give it a go shortly, got the front sway bar bushes to do first. the back ones were:eek: a real pain.
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    gear knob

    tried turning it a while ago but be buggered if it would move. i'll try it again soon, but don't want to stuff it up thanks
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    gear knob

    how does one remove the gear knob in a 90 ng pajero ?
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    invisible GU Patrol........

    yep , the person reversing or hitting you from behind is always at fault. reversing has to be done with care , the rear ender is because they hit you, they are considered to of been to close for safety. sucks when the old farts slam their foot on the brake for no reason though.
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    NSW wrecking ea ghia

    all parts available except the exhaust from cat back , all genuine offers considered. i know its not a 4wd but its off the road and available. hope this is ok?
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    gabriel 4wd shocks

    i don't know where people get the idea that more dollars equal better product, most do not realize that every manufacturer offers a cheaper version of there product under a different name or company. i have bought and have seen other people buy expensive products just to see them fail long...
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    Another Government Cash Grab.

    sorry but this is one of the more moronic statements i've ever read, where i live we have no other option than to use our vehicles everywhere we go , we do not have public transport , the nearest decent shopping centre is 42 kilometers away. how would increasing the price of fuel help me and the...
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    Gearbox breathers ?

    normally on top towards the rear of the box.
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    reverse switch

    thanks people, i found where it is.
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    reverse switch

    manual ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    reverse switch

    where is the reverse switch and how do you get to it in a 1990 ng 5 speed. changed the box oil two weeks ago and the reverse lights stopped working , i know they do work if i hold the shifter right back in reverse.:mad: