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  1. Lex

    Driving lights

    No problems at all had them well under water and on at the same time. I have them on my factory ally bar (hilux) only thing Im not to keen on about them is they can be adjusted just like a touch as someone else has said but this also means the lens can not be made theft proof. how ever I...
  2. Lex

    Driving lights

    personly love the 240 blitz from light force, would also love to upgrade them with a HID kit :P
  3. Lex

    which 4x4 wagon or ute

    you got me but i still think they are a toy
  4. Lex

    which 4x4 wagon or ute

    A duel cab isnt realy a trady ute, it is majorly lacking in space for that, its a good cross over as you can fill the back full of any rubish you want and still carry 5 people.i.e it can replace a trailer, you can carry dogs ( even wet muddy ones), drums, shopping or all the camping gear.all...
  5. Lex

    which 4x4 wagon or ute

    Dual cab's are realy good if you dont need loads of carrying capability, you are still capable carying 5 people. one problem is if you are carying 5 peopl you cant just reach over the back to get thing out of the back. that said if you dont have a full cab you can put a fridge in the back seat...
  6. Lex

    Full Time Position with 4wd TV / YOUR4X4

    Lets start the vote for a crew up here :P You know ill Volinteer to help out
  7. Lex

    Full Time Position with 4wd TV / YOUR4X4

    Like I have said to you before Dan you need to bring more to QLD
  8. Lex

    Toyotas seem to get stuck alot

    here is both Cruzer and Patrol stuck side by side, the little Lux had to pll both out :P
  9. Lex

    Amamoor/ Cedar Groves 4WDriving and Camping Weekend

    Well i went down for the day and gota say thanks to the guys for letting me tage along. Oh and day one toyota I beleave is on top.. and there are lots of good stories to go with that but ill let the others tell them when they come back
  10. Lex

    Another Bligh Cash Grab!!

    They are slowly taking all the good things away from Qld :(
  11. Lex

    Who Says Hilux's are soft

    must watch Indestructilux 1 - BBC Top Gear Australia but wait theres more Indestructilux 3 - BBC Top Gear Australia
  12. Lex

    Your 4x4

    I beleave it will be avalible online to watch after each ep has aired
  13. Lex

    Which Motor 3.0 Diesel 2.7 Petrol in a Hilux?

    I'v got a 98 petrol and iv had it for about 7 months now, it has not let me down on or off raod, that said it is still lacking in power on the highway but its only a 4 cylinder. the power dosnt realy seem to kick in intill you get to about 3500 rpm. I myself would have rathered a Diesel for the...
  14. Lex

    A get together THIS SUNDAY 12-4-09???

    Would have loved to join in but will be heading back up here on sunday
  15. Lex

    A get together THIS SUNDAY 12-4-09???

    How about easter sunday :eek: ill be down that way, haha
  16. Lex

    The Clean Up....

    I like to wash mine only when it is realy worth it, as always thoe its only a day or two before I end up in some big bog hole again and im sure my kids have scratched there names in the paint now.
  17. Lex

    Toyota Hilux 1998

    Well I found it and yeh it was one of the boots missing from the fire wall, Funny thing is it was there a couple of weeks ago when i ran a wire through it. some how its vanished.
  18. Lex

    Toyota Hilux 1998

    Iv just discovered that it will take on water while it is just sitting in the yard, Seems to be comming from behind the dash somewhere. (at least its only vinal flooring :P )
  19. Lex

    Toyota Hilux 1998

    Sorry mate I dont have any good pics of the Lux yet, I am still new to the Off road things but I don't think you can go to wrong with a hilux, Im told that due to the fact mine has independent suspension I cant go as many places as others but i haven't had a problem yet. the only other thing...
  20. Lex

    Bashing us again!!!

    I have to say there are a few people out there that should not have 4x4's (the ones that just drop the kids off to school if you know what i mean)