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  1. Blue Dog

    Advice on Best 4x4 to Buy

    F250LWB duel cab heaps of room good resale not as bad on juice as everyone thinks and gotta have the best storage space
  2. Blue Dog

    What oil do you use and how do you look ater your 4by?

    Panolin 10/40 synthetic every 7,000km in the hummer
  3. Blue Dog

    cheap syd-melbourne freight?

    check out how much it cost to have it sent by rail.
  4. Blue Dog

    is it me OR is regular unleaded vanishing from servos??

    regular unleaded is being phased out and replaced by E10 and from reports we have had 95 is also going in the near future in favour of E85. If you look at alot of new cars they are now coming out as compatable E10 and or E85 getting ready for the change over.
  5. Blue Dog

    Unnessasary damage

    greenies ploy to get 4wd and bikes out of the area ? do some damage to the open camping spots get them closed to vehicles so they can have another area claimed for the good of all, well all in their world. just a thought as have heard of this happening.
  6. Blue Dog

    Cheap Motorbike Wanted

    Go to a bike wrecker and see if they will hire you a bike to use
  7. Blue Dog

    Baal Bone Track

    Did it a couple of months back also, it was in good condition then and you should have an easy drive just watch out for bikes and quads and other 4b's being along weekend.
  8. Blue Dog

    Simpson Desert

    Check out the mt dare web site they should be able to give you some upto date info
  9. Blue Dog


    Go an hour further on to Whitecliffs and stay there.
  10. Blue Dog

    Caltex-phasing out regular unleaded?

    The notices I had sent to me refered to the demise of regular unleaded in favour of the E10 and also that we will be loosing one of the other unleaded's most likely premium in favour of E85 in the next few years some new vehicles are comming out already E85 ready. The first report I got on this...
  11. Blue Dog

    Which Fuel is better for you??????

    Hummer H3 BP or Shell only use 98 unless outback 12.5lt for 100k average on 265's and 13 for 100k on 285's Have not seen any problems with bikes running the Shell Vpower the only problems I have seen are with the Optimax fuels as it eats the rubber hoses and orings in the fuel systems on...
  12. Blue Dog

    buying parts from o/seas???

    When buying from o/s just make sure you do the sums to be sure you are going to save as much as you think and remember you get no easy over counter back up over here and can get stuck, I see it all the time with people buying motorcycle parts and getting the wrong bits or faulty bits. The guy...
  13. Blue Dog

    The Bridle Track

    Yes I did it in the one day it is not a hard run, all up it was a long day but I stopped a fair bit and had a look around at hill end and also added in a run out to mudgee it was about 12hrs. If you are only going to do the Bridle track and a bit of a look at Hill end I would think if you allow...
  14. Blue Dog

    Fridge not Chilling

    Hi Yeah check the wires and outlet for a start. I had a problem with my 60 it would be ok on 240 and was good when the car was running but would not run the compressor when the engine was not running. It would kick the compressor in and out and the fault light would flash and it would...
  15. Blue Dog

    Favorite 4x4 make

    So where is the "none of the above" vote spot ??
  16. Blue Dog

    fuel figures nissan navara - simpson desert

    I did it last year with a mate who was in a Navara D40 { no trailer } we went the long way west to east. I think he used 130lt from dare to birdsville if the sand is soft like it was then and you are going to be towing a trailer I would say to allow at least 180lt. I used 140lt for the 660km...
  17. Blue Dog

    Honing problems

    Best method is to deridge the bores, then use a proper fixed hone to hone the bores to get them straight, then finish with a flex hone then measure them to make sure they are still in spec. for honing I use a mixture of kero and 10/30 oil and when cleaning them I use diesel/kero mix then lube...
  18. Blue Dog

    NSW Meet & Greet/Wheeling - Colo -

    will see if I can make it for one day will depend on me getting things packed and ready to go away on the 1st if I can I will call in the camp ground early morning to meet up.
  19. Blue Dog

    Middle Earth 2011

    There is alot to see around the corner country you just need to look and not just do a fly through there are a lot of historic sites and some great country. There are the fort grey walks and ruins, the bore trak and dunes, pooles grave and the cain, there is water at depot glen { sometimes to...
  20. Blue Dog

    Middle Earth 2011

    Best time would depend if you hate flies and heat I prefer around April but still a few flies around then July is cold at night but nice during the day, September is hot around the 30's during the day and mild nights but the flies are out, November /December very hot all though it is normally a...