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  1. JonKabir

    why is Australia so behind the times?

    What percent should a car battery be at?
  2. JonKabir

    The ways of old.

    I still remember my mother's loving fountain pen parker 45 (1964). Its nib is polished using steel. This brings along two benefits. For one, it makes the nib look shiny and attractive. Secondly, it makes the nib last longer. This is because still is pretty resilient to corrosion and other agents...
  3. JonKabir

    Do you use Bluetooth ?

    One thing to be careful about is complimentary wireless internet associations! That is the reason I don't utilize wireless internet!
  4. JonKabir

    Offroad maps with android auto?

    How do I connect my Android to my car auto?
  5. JonKabir

    UHF/CB Radio Brackets

    Taxicab companies were among the first to utilize the CB radio for improving their business, as they could now communicate with fellow cabbies. In the 70s the CB became a bona fide fad with everyone from families to truckers.
  6. JonKabir

    What is your favorite camping item / gear?

    Who makes the best rocking recliner?
  7. JonKabir

    Jerry can storage.

    What's the principles for the gas bottle for the BBQ? I am flabbergasted at what number of 4Wd's convey petroleum (Not diesel) on back transporters and they are not put off the street. It is so self-evident. like mutts B.... Maybe the Mansfield police will hop onto this rashness?
  8. JonKabir

    What GPS equipment does everyone use?

    I went with 1440x900. btw what does dpi mean? i bought a Bluetooth mouse and it says it switches between 800 dpi and 1600 dpi.
  9. JonKabir

    Battery for camper "aussie batteries- combo deal"

    The compact, portable and versatile NOCO Genius G15000 12V/24V 15A Pro Series UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger is our first choice for battery chargers. Charges 12 volt and 24 volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, charge 2 times faster than the competition, jump-start dead batteries, repair...
  10. JonKabir

    Australian 4x4 Muster

    Thank you for the info.
  11. JonKabir


    Ha ha...
  12. JonKabir

    Hankook dynapro ATM tyres

    have the Hankook dynapro AT RF10 on my Challenger and have no bad things to say with them. Wear is great and expect over 80,000km on them. Have done some hard tracks and no elastic fell off them however I improve on the tires rough terrain. Given the cost the Hankook versus BFG I would purchase...
  13. JonKabir

    View nowhere near as good tonight as last night.

    Do you think if I invited Shrek to come out with me for a drive into the poorer areas of Melbourne he would take up the offer?
  14. JonKabir

    The good old days

    My Gf have a gift for me!! :D
  15. JonKabir

    RC Rock Crawlers

    Does it has speed control??
  16. JonKabir

    Nitto Trail Grapplers/Toyo

    Thanks for the information. Would you please suggest me a top one NITTO trail under $200 for snow time?