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  1. TassieTourer

    Pit Passing, Roadworthy Inspections and Reregistration

    Hey 4x4 Earth, Looking into buying a really cheap XJ Cherokee. It needs the drive belt doing, some wiring and pads/rotors which is no stress as i am an apprentice mechanic. Only trouble is, it needs pit passing. I'm from Tasmania and assume other states would be similar, so if you have pit...
  2. TassieTourer

    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    hence the 'in my opinion'
  3. TassieTourer

    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    All for Adventure is what i started on but i have made the transition to 4WD Action / 4WD 247. In my opinion, it is the best because they give tips for beginners such as myself, showcase what they do and how to do it, give insight into what gear to get, and they're funny. The cooking scenes in...
  4. TassieTourer

    Best Budget 4x4

    Its just a pushbike. I have heard Land Rover's aren't as reliable as other vehicles but i like the idea of some luxury. Otherwise I should probably stick to something bulletproof like a gq or cruiser
  5. TassieTourer

    G'day from TassieTourer!

    Just joined. Been logging on for ages but only just registered. I posted a thread about the best budget 4x4, and it'd be appreciated if someone could help me out with that too. Cheers.
  6. TassieTourer

    Best Budget 4x4

    G'day all, I'm starting to accumulate a bit of money and was considering upgrading from my 2003 Mitsubishi Trtiton MK 2.8L Turbo Diesel. My budget is under $10,000 for sure, but i was wondering what vehicles i could purchase fairly cheap and modify (Over in Tasmania, there are stuff all parts...