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  1. millsmob

    4WDriving near Sydney

    Track Datat Base for Non GPS equiped members The track data base appear really great. A quite alot of effort must have been made to upload them However for those without a GPS how would you use the details ????. Unless I have not seen any text reports on the trips. Some body may be able to...
  2. millsmob

    Mitsubishi Triton 2007

    LPG Triton You should see the mud on it today Petrol I think conversion was around $4700 ( standard tank 75l my tank 102l) Yes got rebate only took a week or so. No loss in power, if anything a slight power increase. Touring Using both unleaded and LPG excess of 1200klms. At around...
  3. millsmob

    4WDriving near Sydney

    Close to Sydney 4WD Trip A close by QUICK Sydney 4WD trip not terribly serious but good fun anyway. Today on our own :cool: we did an on the spur of the moment trip from our home Western Sydney, Colyton 2760. The return trip took us 3 ½ hours home to home. We ventured to Burralow Creek...
  4. millsmob

    Am I socially unacceptable?

    Stop talking about sex, that horrible word has just caused us to find out number 3 to be arriving december. That means the space for the beer fridge is gone Damm!. "" Before you say it Roof Racks"" Do they mount baby capsules on roof racks.
  5. millsmob

    Never ending story (July On)

    the beer fridge....
  6. millsmob


    Radio Communications 2 Its a bit more involved but skip is an easy way to describe. As there is ground waves and relfected signals of the ionisphere (skip).Basicly the Flying Doctor Radio Service has certain HF channels in the differect bands again usable at different times of the day. For...
  7. millsmob


    Radio Communications With all the talk about radio communications why not consider obtaining you amateur licence. The new (easier to obtain) foundation licence allows you to get on HF and talk the world apart from many other bands / frequencies you can choose from. It is a facinating hobby and...
  8. millsmob

    Max Traxx

    Hi All Check out the Bushranger product X Trax - Bushranger Considerably cheaper. "Im Considering to acquire a couple as bit easier 2 store" Regards Jamie
  9. millsmob

    Rodeo 2004 suspension lift

    Hi Miss Rodeo. You dont really need a lift kit to have fun 4wding. Unless you have bucket loads of $$$ to throw away. Now I know I can hear all the others gasping and cursing me but. Unless you are going to get very serious 4wding why bother.
  10. millsmob

    Just found this site

    welcome to the group
  11. millsmob

    Hi All,

    Welcome We are in western sydney as well, welcome to the group:)
  12. millsmob

    The sign says it all

    I'm gona make one for my bbq area what a ripper
  13. millsmob

    4wd Tv

    saw it for the 1st time last week.
  14. millsmob

    Ford Maverick 1989

    Another BBQ gas 4WD Welcome, Nice to see some else running LPG or so I can see a that or is that for the BBQ. How does your LPG perform on steep grades.
  15. millsmob

    4WDriving near Sydney

    Sydney South 4wding Why dont you check out boat harbour 4wd park. Located at near kurnell. It is private property but approx $16 gets you in to a fairly firm beach and access to some sand hills, this is just north of cronnulla beach and if you were allowed you could actually drive there to...
  16. millsmob

    Am I socially unacceptable?

    4WD bashers Hey in Sydney they are laying into us 4WD owners and talks of banning us in the city can’t wait to see them try that. The biggest argument of the 4wd bashers is the fuel usage/gas guzzles. When I say I’m on LPG that shuts them up real fast. They are just jealous they can’t have...
  17. millsmob

    Hello all

    Hi all, Just stumbeled over this web site by accident. Kinda how we go 4wding.:rolleyes:We live western syndney and am running out of local tracks to explore.
  18. millsmob

    New car accessory

    Trunk Monkey Ha ha ha ha ha 2. :)
  19. millsmob

    Mitsubishi Triton 2007

    Mitsubishi Triton, 2007 Good Points Versitile, tough and easy to maintain. This is used for the family car around western sydney. Tows our jayco eagle camper easily. LPG conversion, 3.5l V6. With unleaded and LPG our range is in excess of 1200klm's. Around 650klms on LPG highway approx...