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  1. shovelboy

    Grrr! Fuel in my oil - Paj NS

    As this is a Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel most of these vehicles have a DPF which is diesel particulate filter this why they recommend to use low ash oil in these motors due to them putting a small amount of fuel into the oil when the vehicle does its regeneration of the exhaust DPF filter system...
  2. shovelboy

    Gearbox drain plug stuck,

    try putting the breaker bar in and put a jack under it to secure it in the hole firmly so it cannot start to twist out when you turn it
  3. shovelboy

    Maxxis Bighorn 33x12.5x15 Victoria

    I Have 1 (one) Maxxis Bighorn 33x12.5x15 Tyre On A Black Roh Rim For Sale ... Was A Spare Only Been On The Car For Short Time $150 Pick Up South Morang 0417549547
  4. shovelboy

    Toyota Hilux Bull Bar 2010 KJM26r VIC

    Have For Sale A Bull Bar Off A Kjm26r 2010 Toyota Hilux .. It Has A Couple Of Marks On One Part Of It See Pics.. Comes With A Brand New Fitting Kit .. Excelent Buy Pick Up In Blackburn Melb ... Brand New $2200 Selling For $1500 Ono Only Serious Offer Pls 0400549547
  5. shovelboy

    4WD Insurance Fails!

    i was with alliance and they would cover you anywhere in aus whether on a marked track or making your own track which was great cos was always covered and didnt have to worry when out bush but now i dont have my 4wd due to our lovely melb weather over xmas i had my car written off due to hail...
  6. shovelboy

    number plates

    No i dont know what part of melbourne he is in otherwise i would get them myself and we have now cancelled the plates with vic roads so its now unregistered so if he drives it he will be fined if found
  7. shovelboy

    number plates

    i have his address in sydney but the car is still in Melbourne so dont help me much
  8. shovelboy

    number plates

    Just putting this out there if anyone see's these number plates on a Toyota Bunderra YAP-126 can you please contact me via pm as the car has been sold to a guy in NSW but has not returned the plates as requested by us and is still driving the vehicle around i believe the car is still in...
  9. shovelboy

    Any Help Really Needed :(

    you say you had alot of work done what exactly did you have done and what was the previous problem ??
  10. shovelboy

    na to nf pajero

    yes they should be only thing that may be different will be short wheel base to long wheel base
  11. shovelboy

    Opposite Lock VIC WINCH 2011 20th-22nd

    Im heading up there with the boy for a look and maybe take some pics aswell should be a good day , we went last yr and was a great day out
  12. shovelboy

    NM Pajero inaccurate speedo

    Hey Bobo this is normal for most vehicles as the manufacturer gives roughly a 10% variance on speedo's ..... different tyres will also alter your speedo as well
  13. shovelboy

    Mark101 on 4wd tv last thursday night

    Hey just letting you all know that Mark101 was on the big screen last week showwing off his little Bundera on 4wd tv ..... I do believe it will be shown again tonight on c44 so have a look at his rig
  14. shovelboy

    Opinion on this 40 channel UHF on special

    they not that hard to install all you need is a power source and an earth point
  15. shovelboy

    Deni ute muster

    I will be there again this year, its a great weekend away
  16. shovelboy

    96 NK Pajero seems to misfire

    Ah ok well i would then be looking at the coils and plugs and leads or even possibly a fuel filter
  17. shovelboy

    96 NK Pajero seems to misfire

    you could always look at possibly the idle speed motor needs resetting and throttle body cleaned as well cos this can cause poor idle
  18. shovelboy

    Borrowing a 54mm hub socket

    so where abouts are you in the north east subs???
  19. shovelboy

    Mount Dissapointment

    What time are you heading out cos might tag along if i get time and get my car back on the road after doing the heads on it
  20. shovelboy

    NH Paj suspension lift

    I have a 2 inch lift in my shorty pajero from ironman which i purchased from bursons for a reasonable price