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  1. Brisey

    Pemberton to Nannup

    A mate & I are planning a swag trip in spring possibly to Israelite bay. We'll see what happens & post up when the dates are clearer. Cheers Bri
  2. Brisey

    G'day from Emouth WA

    Hello & welcome Cheers Bri
  3. Brisey

    G'day from WA

    Hello to another WA guy Cheers Bri
  4. Brisey

    Hello from Perth

    Hello to another WA guy Cheers Bri
  5. Brisey

    Hi from Perth

    Nice to see some more WA guys join up Cheers Bri
  6. Brisey

    Oziexplorer and Macs

    Theres no mac version so you would have to use a windows emulator Cheers Bri
  7. Brisey

    Alternator problems

    Resist the temptation to wash the alternator out with petroleum products as it degrades the insulation of the windings. Use a product that is made for washing electric motors such as CRC electroclean Cheers Bri
  8. Brisey

    Horrific caravan rollover

    Electric brakes on caravans are the norm now & all brake controllers fitted to the vehicles have manual overrides so the caravan brakes can be applied without the vehicle brakes. The theory in wobble situations is to apply the caravan brakes only and to accelerate at the same time which sould...
  9. Brisey

    WA - Jeep Wrangler air conditioner

    Item Detail - Air conditioning unit to suit 1998 TJ Wrangler. Complete with compressor, in dash air box comlpete with heater coil & fan, new condensor, pipes, missing flexible hoses and dash controls Condition - Used presumably working before removal, Brand new unused condensor Price -...
  10. Brisey

    Winch servicing

    If doing your own servicing to check the electric motor take the end cap off & check there is no signs of rust inside, if not then you don't really need to strip it down much more & can do some simple checks. Check if there is a lot of carbon inside if not then leave it you can cause more...
  11. Brisey

    Navman MY75

    You can hack the MY 75 by downloading & installing Miopocket. I did it a few years ago & successfully ran oziexplorer on it. Can't remember much else about it now though as I have only been using the hema 5 & 6 for the last couple of years. There is plenty of info on the net google is your...
  12. Brisey

    Winch servicing

    If you do it yourself avoid the temptation to wash the electric motor out with petroleum products as it will shorten the life of the motor. It degrades the varnish on the windings. Cheers Bri
  13. Brisey

    Hema andriod or hema nav HN6 ?

    Also you can get oziexplorer for the android & use the same maps as ozi does. Cheers Bri
  14. Brisey

    Nissan Patrol 4.8L Ti

    Mine is an 01 I paid $18000 at a dealer last October with 177000km. There were a few around at the time at dealers all roughly the same price. My mechanic mate said the 4.8 is basically the same motor as the 4.5 with a different head & doesn't really like LPG. Cheers Bri
  15. Brisey

    Nissan Patrol 4.8L Ti

    I've had my 4.8 TI for about 6 months & find it good. Plenty of power to keep up with the traffic, it went well towing a trailer of concrete blocks (about 500 KG) didn't notice it on the back much. Fuel consumption isn't too bad for the size of the car I get about 16.5 L/100 km (my TJ wrangler...
  16. Brisey

    Waeco fridge problem - thoughts?

    A few years ago I had a problem with my waeco may be similar to yours I found that the compressor would run much faster from my 240V power pack than from 12 volts in the car specially with motor not running. Once when out camping the fridge temperature was running warm & I was checking around &...
  17. Brisey

    TJM Suspension / Review

    Hi aussie My young bloke had a TJM lift fitted earlierlast year on his 79 series toyota & is very happy with the performance. When I was looking around for my lift for the patrol most places I spoke to advised heavy duty springs all round & would not entertain longer standard coils even though...
  18. Brisey

    Oziexplorer maps

    I don't know if they have any free QLD maps but what I was refering to is on the Oziexplorer australian page scroll down & you will see the 100K topo digital maps & the QLD & NT maps are $29. There are examples of thre maps there as well heers Bri
  19. Brisey

    Oziexplorer maps

    Oziexplorer website has 1:100k mapset of Qld all maps available at that scale but are oldish Cheers Bi
  20. Brisey

    Whats the go.....someone HELP!!!

    Don't use a petrolium based water dispersant on alternators or starter motors because the petrolium can break down the insulation on the windings over time and can lead to a premature failure. It wouldn't have been the water causing your problems as the alternators are open and the insides...