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  1. Out on Patrol

    Newnes, Spanish Steps, Sat 15th Feb

    Sure did! He tried his best, came very close to rolling at one point too. Just went one bounce too many whilst feeding the power on and bang! LHR axle snapped. Capable, yes... Tough, No. It's sitting here atm with a half broken uni after a weekend out past Mudgee. Another job for the...
  2. Out on Patrol

    Newnes, Spanish Steps, Sat 15th Feb

    Hey Glen! I've done it in my last GQ, on video too. Idled straight up, first go. Must be my supreme driving/line selection skills I guess! :) Sam broke an axle in the Defender trying to follow my line. I had to tow him all the way to the top. Ben PS Looks like I missed a good day...
  3. Out on Patrol

    Black or White Sunnys?

    Black also hides the chips that are quickly followed by rust better than white. I had white ones for years before black was available and they looked terrible by the time I sold the car.
  4. Out on Patrol

    Oztent rv4, any good? Looking at buying one

    We went all over getting prices and BCF at McGraths hill were cheapest.
  5. Out on Patrol

    Oztent rv4, any good? Looking at buying one

    We also bought one earlier this year, an RV5 and it we have been really happy with it. Have always used dome tents until now and wont be going back for the family trips. It fits in the back of my GQ, just, but will end up on the roof rack when I get some. I still take a small dome tent when I...
  6. Out on Patrol

    For all of you that missed the last one !!

    I'm a possible, will keep you posted. We camped last weekend and did powerlines, spanish steps and pipeline. Keen for another run.
  7. Out on Patrol

    Cabbage Tree Road

    It used to be a very good and difficult track down to the river, a lot of the other tracks were scary too. I made it all the way down twice in an unlocked GQ SWB with 4" lift and 35's but had a lot of trouble getting back up, almost rolled both times. This would have been around 2003/4 and...
  8. Out on Patrol

    What shower unit

    We have a glind heat exchanger, and I just bought a flojet pump off ebay, heater hose and a few other things and made it up. Worked out cheaper than buying the whole Glind kit but was a bit of dicking around. Works fantastic, the beter half now enjoys camping.
  9. Out on Patrol

    Tub vs Tray??

    Agree with the masses. Tray is much more useable and versatile. Not to mention almost impossible to damage. Just look at the utes people own that actually use them for their intended purpose, they are 95% traybacks.
  10. Out on Patrol

    Zig Zag, 03/03 Day Trip.

    Sorry I am now on rugrat duty Sunday, maybe next time. Ben
  11. Out on Patrol

    Zig Zag, 03/03 Day Trip.

    Thats good news, when I was there a while ago the gate looked a bit bent and the welds looked like they had been broken. Im keen for a go now as we didn't go down when it looked like we weren't meant to.
  12. Out on Patrol

    Zig Zag, 03/03 Day Trip.

    They are currently open because somone has broken them open by winching it I would guess.
  13. Out on Patrol

    Zig Zag, 03/03 Day Trip.

    Hi Russ, I know where the Spanish Steps are but they are gated off. You need to go on a club run with, I think Lithgow 4x4 club (can't remember the club name) I did the track on my L's over 12 years ago before the gates went up and was out there about six weeks ago and the gates have been...
  14. Out on Patrol

    advice on new tyres please

    x2 Have those recommending BFG AT's ever had anything else?? I found them lousy on and off road.
  15. Out on Patrol

    MT or Cooper ???

    Coopers warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on. I tried to take on of mine back that the sidewall split whilst parked in the driveway. Clearly a fault in the tyre and not a cut from a rock. The guy asked me if I had taken it off road then it voids the warranty. I had not taken it...
  16. Out on Patrol

    MT or Cooper ???

    Agreed have had both nd the coopers were absolute rubbish. On my second set of MTZ's The tyre place probably has a much higher mark up on the coopers so he pushes them. Ben
  17. Out on Patrol

    Ford F250 2005

    I have used them before on trailing arms on a Falcon I had years ago to try and stop the axle tramp, and on the sway bars on my first Patrol. All were great for a few thousand K's then became loose and worse than a flogged out rubber bush. More freeplay and noisy as hell. On the Patrol I...
  18. Out on Patrol

    Ford F250 2005

    Hope the kit came with a box full of spare rose joints! They will chop out in no time.
  19. Out on Patrol

    Zig Zag Sunday 23/10

    I was too, I would say he has seen the light and made the switch... ha ha ha!
  20. Out on Patrol

    Best 4x4 Maker

    My old man had bought a GQ new and it had a set of rings at 580k, everything else was stil in spec and it was running fine, just burning a bit of oil. Had 770k on it last time I heard, he sold it to a good frind of his about ten years ago. Since the old man sold it, it has had an input...