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  1. drval

    custom 4x4 and general fabrication

    thats awsome good on ya.:D something to keep in mind when i find some money.:)
  2. drval

    number of spotties

    ok thanks mate, that helps heaps ill tell my work mate that and it will put my mind at rest, thanks heaps.:)
  3. drval

    number of spotties

    Hi its Ken, just wanting to clarify between me and a work mate. Is there a maximum number of spot lights that one could legally mount to your fourby? I ask this because he seems to think that its 4 lights per vehicle, but didn't want to believe him. could some one shed some light on the...
  4. drval

    Map Shop

    pitt st sydney has a map shop :)
  5. drval

    best beer

    worst is dads first batch of home brew best hard to say depends on where i was and what i was drinking
  6. drval

    Never ending story October 2010 3 words per post only

    thats indecent exposure
  7. drval

    It's a jeep thing Big Rigs XJ

    verry nice jeep im jealous :D
  8. drval

    synthetic bitumen on doors

    good luck buddy:)
  9. drval

    Natures revenge at Newnes

    sucked in to that fella.:p:D
  10. drval

    Hi Everyone

    g'day mate. prado avatar looks good.:)