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  1. brianless

    Ozito 36v chainsaw review (vid included)

    I really like my Husqvarna 450. It definitely has its limitations but, if you know what they are, it will quickly become one of your favorite tools in your "tool box." It is lighter then my t540, a battery lasts a full prune or for taking piecing down a top and it is a dream to use while spiking...
  2. brianless

    What tent do you use?

    For car camping with the family I have this - Literally takes about a minute to set up. I haven't put it through a lot of use but seems well built for what it's intended for. It is pretty heavy and big so if you want something lighter or that...
  3. brianless

    12v expresso coffee makers.

    If you need 1000W for a fast brew it doesn't matter if it's 12V or 120V, you'll still be drawing 1000W. So, 12V input, 1000W output means 1000W/12 = 83Amps Use an inverter to get 1000W output and it will draw 1000W (actually more due to conversion losses) from your 12V, so still 1000W/12 =...
  4. brianless

    Silky Saw or Chainsaw???

    Silky if you can afford it – they are the best. Longer blade. Why do tree surgeons use them? What I use. Laplander is good and readily available, the blade will bend, but will not shatter. Spares can be purchased. Heavyish. What I let groups/ unskilled use. Gerber exchange-a-blade saw, very...
  5. brianless

    What music do you listen to?

    youtube link seems not working here.. so it Classic crime - Holy water vid
  6. brianless

    How many nights?

    5-7 nights at average could be enough time to explore the area you're in and enjoy the surrounding nature, but it also depends on your movement style and speed