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    Landcruiser 300 Series

    There are many who would say the complete inverse! ;)
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    A dummy trying to understand off set .

    Re: legalities, in most states you can only legally increase the wheel track by a maximum of 50mm*. Eg. going from a stock +55 offset wheel, the most you can decrease offset (and thereby increase track) by on each wheel is 25mm so that means +30 offset wheel. Depends on how important having a...
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    Something a bit different

    :) nailed it
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    Hah, just found this thread. Seems there is a cross post here:
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    Look up your GVM: (appears to be: 3180kg) That's the most your vehicle is allowed to weigh by law. Now drive to the nearest tip/weighbridge and find out how much it weighs. Subtract that from your GVM. That's your payload.
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    PX Ranger low beam is hopeless. What's the fix?

    Agree, the oem Ranger headlights are pathetic - at least high beam is easily fixed with a decent bar or spotties. I'll be interested to hear what you decide John U might also try the globe upgrades at some point.
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    Triton MR aka Grumblebee

    Canopy looks good, it really suits the profile of the Triton :) Re: Grunt tailgate seal kit: I have a Ranger + canopy with no tub liner (so your mileage may vary...) and installed the kit, which I'd describe as "OK" at best. It will probably help a bit, but I wouldn't expect it to completely...
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    Ford Ranger real world fuel economy

    Yep, exactly. Putting the ACTUAL value of your tyre circumference in will yield a fault code. I basically just got to the "correct" value by trial and error so that my speedo is -2% (eg. 98km/h actual @ 100km/h speedo) for 265/70R17. I can look that up up if it's helpful. Confirmed by 1200km...
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    ROH Octagon 17 inch P30, with MT ATZP3 265/70R17. Replacing the 18 inch P55 stock wheels.
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    Ford Ranger real world fuel economy

    @TimNWVic I have a 2019 PX3 3.2 - ARB steel bar, steel steps, ARB canopy + drawers, 120Ah AGM + CFX50, platform rack and about 50kg of gear, 265/70R18 (32.6") BFG KO2 tyres. Likewise around 40-41psi hot. I'm getting mid 12's around town and 11-ish hwy. I was an the weighbridge just last week...
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    President Trump

    The problem as I see it is that every single issue becomes a partisan one - people don't seem to be able to meet in the middle whatsoever. Blame whoever you like, but the polarised and divided views on every news piece and culture wars are part of (the whole?) problem. It's patently obvious (to...
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    Ford Service complete JOKE

    You can get the full featured trial version of Forscan for free for 60 days so you'll just need a Windows laptop with Bluetooth and an OBD adaptor. I used this one in my Ranger PX3 and it works flawlessly: also good for making dashboards for...
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    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    One of Ivan's victims says to him as they walk into the forest together: "geez it's a bit creepy here isn't it?". Ivan responds: "how do you think I feel - I have to walk out of here all on my own!"
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    Installing Roadsafe front recovery points on a 2012 BT-50 with an ARB Deluxe Bullbar

    Sorry for the late reply. I couldn't get a good photo, but it appears that the wires are still attached on the inboard side.
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    ARB Canopy/Pioneer tray mounting

    Hi @hockayak it's referred to by ARB as their "Internal Support". The Rhino Rack page for their accessories to fit: This will give you an idea of how it all fits together:
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    Installing Roadsafe front recovery points on a 2012 BT-50 with an ARB Deluxe Bullbar

    PX3 with Summit bar + Roadsafe points. I didn't do the install so can't offer any tips but let me know if more pics would help @Howson Drivers side: Passenger side:
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    G63 roll over

    I'd have one in a heartbeat too, except mine would strictly be a shiny mall crawler. Because there's no way I would take it out on the tracks and be subject to the humiliation and scrutiny if I got it stuck or rolled it heh ;)
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    G63 roll over

    Here are the other pics from the Instagram account. You'd expect to see some sort of under body protection on a vehicle of that spec? Thankfully no injuries.
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    Capitalism is better by a small margin - you only have to take away $5 ;-)
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    Java script error

    Awesome :) thanks @Patriot Yes costs can certainly start to accumulate using external services; they get you in with a cheap/free tier but the charges quickly ramp up once the site gets busy :-/