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  1. aussieranger

    Gme Tx680

    Hi, don't know if you have decided on this piece of kit but I have one on my Harley. It has pretty good range and we use GMEs at work as well. Generally a strong and robust unit.
  2. aussieranger

    Motorhome trip to the outback help

    Motorhome or not Hi all, I would think you could get to Cameron's Corner from your side but to come across to Alice the Simpson Desert might be out depending on what vehicle you choose. You might have to drive down the eastern side of SA and then work your way across to the Oodnadatta Track at...
  3. aussieranger

    The Centre in September

    Hi all, it's likely to be a great wildflower year here in central Australia after yet more rain over the last few days. Once the weather starts to warm a little around September I expect wild flowers of all varieties to start flowering. It will be blooming fantastic...:D
  4. aussieranger

    Prado 120 series starter motor

    Hi all, anybody had trouble with their starter motor? We have a 4L petrol Prado and recently the starter has began playing up. It's still intermittent but seems like the pinion gear isn't throwing out properly. Any it DIY? cheers
  5. aussieranger

    GPS gets another 2WD lost, bogged, sad and rescued

    Happens all the time... It doesn't only happen down south believe me! In central Australia we get a lot of international tourists hiring 4WDs and taking off all over the of my faves was a Japanese couple in a hired Commodore with gps trekking off to Uluru. They ended up on the...
  6. aussieranger

    Hi from the Alice

    You're quite right You are right...if I don't have intimate knowledge of a place that's exactly what I do...funnily I was down at Mt. Dare a few weeks back, yes...just when it rained again. This part of the desert was awash and if I hadn't just today spoke to a person who had literally just...
  7. aussieranger

    Hi from the Alice

    The Western side of the Simpson Desert is drying quickly....I just spoke to someone who had been down the Hay River Track and on Madigan's and they said it was virtually dry, however is some areas the tracks are pretty cut up. However there is rain forecast for the Centre this very weekend.....
  8. aussieranger

    Hi from the Alice

    Does Prescribed area legislation still stand? Well, a nice first question...the answer is a little tricky. Normally the prescribed area legislation stands but as a result of the intervention I believe the legislation has been suspended to a degree. Don't quote me but I believe as long as you...
  9. aussieranger

    Hi from the Alice

    I'm a ranger working for Parks and Wildlife in and around the Alice. Feel free to ask about anything related to the Centre.