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  1. Minelabmaster

    Barrington tops

    There’s a few of us going up this Wednesday! 26/06/2019 If anyone’s interested?
  2. Minelabmaster

    New Tassie member

    Welcome Graham, I agree with Jim, good to see something different. Do you do much off-roading in Tassie? Where do you call home? I’ve got a brother who lives in Orford on the east coast.
  3. Minelabmaster

    RIP COL, Mt Airly legend

    A true Legend It was an honour to get the chance to chat with him RIP Col
  4. Minelabmaster

    Newbie here: Can anyone recommend a good first 4x4 to buy?

    Gday Fiona and welcome to Earth, If your needs are lots of storage and room for yourself and the dog to sleep in? My suggestion would be a dual-cab Ute. Your budget should get you a reasonably late model with some change to deck it out with drawers for storage and giving you a flat area to sleep...
  5. Minelabmaster

    New to Australia!

    Welcome to the Team Brandon and Girfriend. You’ll find this site a wealth of information, any questions feel free to post them up I’m sure you will get some help or advice. Where’s home while your in Oz?
  6. Minelabmaster

    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Maxwells Flat on our Spring Run 2018
  7. Minelabmaster

    Hello every one

    Gday Mark, welcome to Earth. Where’s home?
  8. Minelabmaster

    New to forum

    Welcome to the team Zian, Good choice of vehicle :)
  9. Minelabmaster

    Spring Run on the Mid North Coast 21 to 24 Sept.

    Totally enjoyed the whole trip, great scenery, some really excellent tracks and great company. Well done Richard. Look forward to the next one:)
  10. Minelabmaster

    Spring run on the Mid North Coast 21-24 September

    Car packed ready to go:D Well, almost:rolleyes: See you all at Kew:)
  11. Minelabmaster

    Spring run on the Mid North Coast 21-24 September

    Count me in Richard :D
  12. Minelabmaster

    Spring run on the Mid North Coast 21-24 September

    Fine with me Richard:D
  13. Minelabmaster

    EOI July 14th run

    Yes Aza,it’s a free camping area.
  14. Minelabmaster

    Spring run on the Mid North Coast 21-24 September

    Count me in dickie, sounds like a good trip:). By the way,since when do you need an excuse for a party by the fire:D
  15. Minelabmaster

    EOI July 14th run

    Wallaroo SF sounds good to me, almost my backyard, only problem is my brother is supposed to be visiting me that weekend from tassie on his way up to the cape, so the weekend before or after and I’ll defiantly be there:D
  16. Minelabmaster

    Barrington Tops

    Re: Closures Thanks guys, Also got confirmation this morning from NP’s All 4wd tracks are closing 2morrow. So unless you would like to camp at Manning River Campground and just go for some RnR I might also reconsider.
  17. Minelabmaster

    Barrington Tops

    Anyone interested in a trip to the Barrington Tops over the June long weekend?
  18. Minelabmaster

    New to the 4x4 Earth

    Sounds like a plan. Keep an eye on the trips posts;) Thinking about headin to Barrington Tops shortly, will put something up and see what response I get.:rolleyes: