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  1. oyamum

    Just another nugget

    Yeh mate she is dual fuel. I honestly can’t remember the k’s.. To be honest when I buy cars of this age I take little notice of the mileage and look more at the condition.. In my opinion they tells ya more about reliability.. this 1 had a reco head and reco gearbox with clean oil and green...
  2. oyamum

    Just another nugget

    I totally agree mate… iv got a spare engine , gearbox and diffs (I doubt I’ll ever need them lol) but she is cheap to run, cheap to fix and no frills …. Just the way I like it lol
  3. oyamum

    Just another nugget

    Hey guys. so I don’t post much but am always reading and lurking.. so over the years iv lost count how many 4x4s iv had. but iv had a few Mazda and courier minitrucks and have always had a soft spot for an old nugget… so I bought this cheap courier last week for $1500 site unseen… anyway I...
  4. oyamum

    Reliable but not overpriced.

    So $15k is a decent budget in my opinion. I’m a Mitsubishi fan and have owned every generation of Pajero. A couple tritons and a challenger. I’d say the challenger is better value than the Pajero . Both are great cars but if you don’t need the luxury and size of a Pajero no use paying the...
  5. oyamum

    New vs Old vehicles - your choice and why?

    I can safely say I have no issues with modern tech. 1 of my cars is a fully custom built airbagged and turboed hilux minitruck with aftermarket ecu.. so that doesn’t scare me.. but I say I prefer older-ish 4x4s. i currently own a 98 gu with an rd28.. not modern but not ancient (in my old...
  6. oyamum

    Egt same temps

    Cheers guys… I did notice about 350 going up a hill this morning in 5th.. But as I only just fitted the engine iv been taking it easy and babying her.. Once I’m more confident that I got no leaks or issues I’ll get into her a bit more .. so far I’m feeling confident though lol
  7. oyamum

    Egt same temps

    Hi guys , Im often lurking but don’t post much. Iv recently bought a gu patrol that I bought with a blown up rd28.. Iv now fitted a low k secondhand rd28… Running well so far. just curious if anyone else has much experience with them? If so what sorta egt is normal ? im running stock...
  8. oyamum

    Craig’s hut to dargo trip

    Hi guys Thinking about doing a trip iv wanted to do for a long time. I wanna start at the snowy hydro museum, head to Craig’s hut, then make my way down to dargo. Plan is to take some nice fun tracks on the way. Not really interested in extreme stuff but fun tracks. Myself and 3 or 4 mates...
  9. oyamum

    1990 gen 1 pajero looking for parts

    hey mate unfortunately due to age parts are getting hard to find. Iv owned a heap of gen1 Pajeros and currently have a swb 4d56t gen 1... I made my own exhaust from scratch and am about to start on rock sliders. You can buy lift kits still brand new but most other stuff you’ll either have to...
  10. oyamum

    MN Triton EGR fixes

    I owned a 2014 mn triton for many (now sold) I bought it new and sold it with about 190,000k on it. I can tell you now first hand that it is widely exaggerated the effect the egr system has. Service your car on time with good oil, LEAVE the egr in place and fit a catch can. You will have...
  11. oyamum

    mitsubishi pajero 84

    3” body lift, 2” suspension lift, custom front bar, uhf, currently building a 3” exhaust for it
  12. oyamum

    mitsubishi pajero 84

    Geez can’t believe this thread has been revived.... I still regret selling that 1st ever shorty . So much so iv 3 or 4 since. This is my current swb, Factory turbo diesel import.
  13. oyamum

    4.2 gu Ute or 2014 hilux 3ltr

    I currently own a gu wagon, swb Pajero and a 2014 hilux 4x4 extra cab I use as a work Ute. I’m gonna upset a few people here but the hilux is weak compared to a patrol. The hilux in my opinion is a good work Ute and that’s about it. The patrol is a much more solid rig, better off road with...
  14. oyamum

    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    So iv been busy with my shorty recently. Gave her a full service Fitted a body lift, fitted tough dog suspension lift , cut down an old winch bar to something more my style and bolted on my 33x12.5x17 Mickey Thompson rims and tyres... plus even got out bush a few times..
  15. oyamum

    Gen 1 Pajero swb front locker...

    Ok guys so if memory serves me correctly there is no front locker available for a gen 1 Swb. Only the lwb v6 which has the wrong diff gears I require. So basically I need to run the physically smaller front diff... So my shorty has a 4d56t and iv just bought an na with 4d55 which will have...
  16. oyamum

    Triton vs patrol

    I used to own an mn triton that was pretty well kitted out. It was a great car that was a great daily driver and weekend rig. Once I no longer needed a Ute for work and got a company car I sold off the triton and went back to having old 4b’s that are weekend only toys. My wife currently has...
  17. oyamum

    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    After getting my roadworthy last week and transferring my turbo diesel shorty into my name I finally could fit my body lift and 33x12.5x17 muddies on Mickey Thompson rims. Waiting on my tough dog springs to come still.
  18. oyamum

    ml triton suspension

    Iv got a mn dual cab triton, I fitted a 40mm tough dog lift and honestly cannot fault it. If you go a full 2"/50mm they will often get driveline vibration due to tailshaft angles. You can fit a wedge but that often doesn't completely rectify it. Also the higher the lift the greater the front...
  19. oyamum


    I worked in the generator industry for the past 8 years. We dealt with rentals, sales of both new and secondhand sets and repairs/maintenance of sets ranging in size from 2kva to 2000kva. My personal opinion is I would never touch a Chinese/ cheap set. I have seen them not only fail when most...
  20. oyamum

    What project car?

    80s Pajero short wheel base. Very cheap to buy, very cheap for parts and an awesome base for a project. Personally I'd do a solid axle swap on the front and chuck in even a small Toyota 1uz 4.0ltr v8 or ls1 if you want and it'll be an absolute beast. It won't cost you an arm and a leg and it'll...