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  1. Alien d2

    Help required with headlight loom

    Yep, hook the common to both relays(85) The low and high wires from the origional plug can then be used for trigering the appropriate relay(86).
  2. Alien d2

    Broken Hill Recommendations

    We always stay at You'd have to make a call to see if they are dog friendly. I've heard the parks in Broken Hill are fairly tight site wise and I prefer the ability to be close to or away from folk at Penrose. The Mad Max museum has recently been upgraded...
  3. Alien d2

    Rivet holes help

    There is also a option of getting a motor trimer to modify your cover around the sports bar once fitted.
  4. Alien d2

    Rivet holes help

    Another option is to put a rivet back in each hole. Until you remove the strips there is no way of knowing what condition the paint is like under them.
  5. Alien d2

    Sat phone emergency numbers

    I don't store any numbers in our sat phone as I don't want any accidental calls made. If it's hit the fan ring 000. This works for all phisical emergencies, it will patch to RFDS or the state authority subject to your location. Same for police and fire services. I run a seperate paper list...
  6. Alien d2

    Definition of High Clearance

    General rule of thumb I use is @180mm of ground clearance. Remember the signs cover the track for conditions 24/7, not since the last time it was graded or only in the dry. There have been many recoveries from lots of place where cars drove in and couldn't get out due to a bit of rain.
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    Maralinga. The official answer.

    A couple more...
  8. Alien d2

    Maralinga. The official answer.

    Just after Easter a group of us did the Maralinga tour. Yes it looks expensive but with two nights accomodation(including showers and washing machines), hours of video relating to the site , a full day tour including walking around the various test sites for us it was money well spent. If on my...
  9. Alien d2

    oodnadatta Track

    It was closed just after Easter and is now open with cation. Actual track condition I can't help with. Keep an eye on this site as you go...
  10. Alien d2

    Chain saw rules

    For Victoria it changes with the park from what I've found. Prohibited in.... Alpine and a few other popular parks I checked didn't mention chainsaws but some had no fire wood collection.
  11. Alien d2

    Big Rocks

    From a recent visit to Murphy's Haystacks.
  12. Alien d2

    anyone got one of these, says they have been featured here on 4x4 earth

    A quick hunt with the search function found these... Mixed reviews sums it up, a couple praised them while...
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    East -west car transport

    I know a few people who have had a good run with CEVA doing depot to depot. They have done the east coast but I can't see the west as being any different.
  14. Alien d2

    48 and gone

    Our condolence to the family, Lurch, friends and local community of the gentleman(out of respect I'd like to add his name here). There will be a lot of confusion and anger amongst those who knew him. Don't let it get in the way of remembering and showing respect to this person, celebrate his...
  15. Alien d2

    Drones outlawed in parks througout Victoria.

    What happens when a drone flys far enough from the operator that it longer receives a signal? I assume it looses altitude and potentially lands in the tree canopy or an open area. Perhaps Parks Vic are concerned it will break open exposing the battery and risk starting a fire. Like all things...
  16. Alien d2

    4wd & Camper Transport Adelaide to Perth

    Try They move vans with all your effects still inside and a note on the cars was similar, although "at your own risk". Look at shiping ex Melbourne so it's all in Perth on your arrival. If you go through Adelaide you could loose a day droping it off and you still...
  17. Alien d2

    Left foot braking for power redistrubution

    This discribes the way they work. It's one of many on the market. I have an Ashcroft unit in my transfer box(replaced the centre diff) and just fitted a Detroit unit in the rear diff.
  18. Alien d2

    Left foot braking for power redistrubution

    That sound dangerous to me. It may help give traction but then you only have one brake once your moving again:eek:
  19. Alien d2

    Left foot braking for power redistrubution

    The idea is to apply the brakes gently while maintaing throttle to keep momentum. The brake pressure is enough stop the spinning wheel but not the vehicle( as your still on the throttle). As the spining wheel "locks up" it sends the drive to the wheel with traction. It's often referred to as...
  20. Alien d2

    Left foot braking for power redistrubution

    Happy reading...