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  1. Trophy truck 481

    Finke desert race .

    i've raced the Finke 10+ times in a Pro buggy get's a little unnerving at how close some of the spectators get on the track the town of Alice will be fully booked out, get in early to buy your grogg etc there's 165 car & 650+ bikes racing this is me on my way to 5th for prologue & 5th outright...
  2. Trophy truck 481

    100 series cruiser - brake lights won't turn off

    fit a redarc tow pro elite, i did it in the RH vent panel under the vent above the centre diff lock switch (mine is 05)
  3. Trophy truck 481


    capped price servicing at Toyota HA HA AH HA , do you really think they will do all that is listed for $330, to change the seats on the injectors, is around a 5to6hr job required every 40,000km tappet adjustment at 80,000km will be longer (Toyota have already been caught with their pants down...
  4. Trophy truck 481

    Toyota parts catalogue 2020.

    i just had a quick look at that one , found it didn't work until i put my whole vin number in, then was similar to the pics on the other sites i use, but much harder to get to the part number of what your looking for i use 2 other sites to gather all my part numbers & prices...
  5. Trophy truck 481

    toyota fujitsu radio wiring

    how did you go?
  6. Trophy truck 481

    toyota fujitsu radio wiring

    i would take yours out and it should have the same plugs being a toyota stereo 2002 prado's are the same as the 2008
  7. Trophy truck 481

    toyota fujitsu radio wiring

    toyota to toyota are generally the same plug set
  8. Trophy truck 481

    toyota fujitsu radio wiring

    what car are you trying to fit it to ? what does the front look like? what does your radio look like ? have you removed your radio?
  9. Trophy truck 481

    Noise when turning CV?

    have you checked the front wheel bearings? the prado CV's shouldn't have any issues, but they do front wheel bearings if they have seen water
  10. Trophy truck 481

    Fault code P1264

    ok sorry i did see that in where it was posted you didnt say what area your in ?????????? so no second filter to look for (as that is the Prado thing for the dual tanks) if you cleaned the air flow meter (MAF sensor)( in the airbox) that is something you are going to have to do on a regular...
  11. Trophy truck 481

    Fault code P1264

    i did forget to ask what the car was prado ? what year?
  12. Trophy truck 481

    Fault code P1264

    Send me a pm and I'll give you my number
  13. Trophy truck 481

    Fault code P1264

    mate , this is the few things that you should look at on your D4D engine take the top cover off on the LH side of the engine ( passenger side) there is a small white filter that has vacuum lines coming off it check to see if that is weeping oil residue , if so remove it, inspect it for any...
  14. Trophy truck 481

    Dmax failure on the canning

    that was a sobering moment to watch, how quick you can get into big trouble , but with a group there is help on saying that, i have never been a fan of airbags on leaf springs, he's lucky the chassis didn't go , but surprising the diff housing let go
  15. Trophy truck 481

    Best suspension for corrugations?

    it's all to do with the quality of the shocks most shocks have the oil & gas together, that get's hot and aerates and goes off, they do come back after they cool down but loose a bit then there are the shocks that have the canisters, that separate the oil & gas problem is the cheap ones are...
  16. Trophy truck 481

    water issues for the Prado

    pulled the alternator apart as well to give you some help sorting out brushes remove the 3 nuts & the screw & the 12mm nut & the plastic insulator 3 screw hold the plastic brush holder squirt with some CRC or something to clean out the brushes and put it back together hope that helps
  17. Trophy truck 481


    fill up early in the morning as the fuel has cooled down check your map sensor and give it a clean use BP ultimate or caltex vortec diesel what's on the roof? lights on the front bar? weight of gear in the back are you servicing it or is the mechanic doing it? it's not new to you anymore and...
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    Thoughts on 05-08 Hilux as weekend 4WD?

    if your mechanically minded and are confident , the D4D is a good engine just be aware of the injector issues they are a wearing part and should be replaced around 120k to 150k or even sooner drive in drive out they cost around $3700 with the EGR clean & suction control valve ( or around $2400...
  19. Trophy truck 481

    Colorado 7 rear drawer and false floor fitout

    nice effort mate if you plan to do any water crossings, you will need to sort out the gearbox breather we did the cap with a mate in a duel cab colorado and it cost him a transmission as water got in via the breather system
  20. Trophy truck 481

    FireStryker Fire Extinguishers

    we had a trans fire in the old truck at the last race i blew a converter seal at the most appropriate time, just be for the pit entry, and there happened to be to marshals standing there with fire extinguishers well 2 extinguishers later, the fire was out the truck was covered in white powder...