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  1. Gidgee

    Buckleboo Stock rte

    Looking to possibly do Buckleboo Stock Route (north to south) on our way to Googs Trk the next day. For those that have done this track, I'm wondering how long to allow for actual stock route track? Is there any options to camp closer than Kimba to the north end, perhaps on the side of the...
  2. Gidgee

    Australian "Online" Maps for Locus Maps

    It's to do with the 'auth' token being wrong, or out of date really: <url><![CDATA[{z}/{x}/{y}.png?access_token=pk.eyJ1IjoibWdyZWdzb24iLCJhIjoiY2lxaXJ3MW1qMDdra2ZubmViaDRiOXpoOSJ9.84NI0-WJgvcz74rvg7wClw]]></url> Without knowing the original page...
  3. Gidgee

    George4x4 recovery?

    I really like the idea of soft shackles but at this point it looks like you have to carry bow shackles as well for compatibility reasons. I might give George 4x4 a call, surely there's another solution, plus I'm curious about their kinetic rope vs snatch strap, which they claim is 30% stretch...
  4. Gidgee

    George4x4 recovery?

    My concern is, are the soft shackles compatible with most recovery points? I note the George4x4 alloy receiver is not, yet they are makers of soft shackles!
  5. Gidgee

    George4x4 recovery?

    Browsing around for a snatch strap recovery kit (though I'm yet to need my shovel, let alone Treds), I need a receiver, strap, bow shackles and thought I'd get an alloy receiver for a small weight savings (but hey it builds up). Came across George4x4, who claim to have a a webbing factory, which...
  6. Gidgee

    BT50 Boss suspension set up for a slide on camper

    Ask Mt Dare how many they recover each year trying to cross the Simpson, and how much it costs for the recovery. Getting away with doing something dangerous does not prove it's safe.
  7. Gidgee

    show us your camp setups!!

    Thanks, answered exactly the questions in my mind. I don't hate flys, I just don't want to feel like I should put it up.
  8. Gidgee

    show us your camp setups!!

    What made you think you need it? I'm considering going with a king swag when there's just me (wife not interested in fishing ;)) but if a fly is desirable I'm not as keen on it.
  9. Gidgee

    Ute vs SUV

    I had mine dust free for a while, but hard to maintain the seals when they are just glued on rather than designed in. It takes a fair bit of sealing, starting well before putting anything at all in the tub. The tips here helped me, but the final irritant is the tailgate/rear window and that's...
  10. Gidgee

    Lithium battery charging

    Which battery is that?
  11. Gidgee

    Ute vs SUV

    A ute with canopy has way more carrying capacity than a wagon, e.g. DMax vs MUX. You can carry larger, heavier, smelly and dirtier items. The wagon is the go if towing though, as the towbar ends up too far back on the ute, risking a bent chassis on certain tracks. BTW, according to Alice cops...
  12. Gidgee

    Considering my first camper - Things to look out for / brands to avoid / etc

    After having recently seen this one, I'd avoid C section tow frame :).
  13. Gidgee

    Rusty's Recipe Roundup

    My tip with bolog is from an old Italian bloke, do *not* stir the mince at the start, sure spread it out across the pan but then let it sit on one 'side' so that it browns, the same way you'd do a steak, let it caramelize for a decent time, then you can stir and break it up.
  14. Gidgee

    Fire Help or DIY Fire Pits

    The wood for campfires is going to become more of a problem as more of us go camping and it gets more scarce with the rate of deforestation we have. Chainsaw or not, the only legal way to collect firewood is permission from a landholder. No State Government I've found legally allows collecting...
  15. Gidgee

    Corona virus

    Just wanted to say regardless of anything I'm feeling very sorry for the Vics at this time. Fingers crossed there is a quick turn around and you can get normal lives back and go bush. It's not fair and it's hard to look on the bright side, but ya gotta stay positive. Bugger me, I woulda made a...
  16. Gidgee

    UHF splitter

    somewhat explains why putting 2 antennae too close causes issues, but of course leaves out the effects of the vehicle. 1/2 wave on UHF is about 31cm, pretty typical of the spacing you see frequently. Again not an issue for 2 people close together, but could be a big issue when you're trying to...
  17. Gidgee

    UHF splitter

    Position of the antenna is not just ground related. Any metal near the antenna can/will absorb transmitted power and block received signals. Additionally it can act as a director/reflector which may help but more often will skew the radiation pattern in a (likely) undesirable way. If you are...
  18. Gidgee

    UHF splitter

    You can actually do it with a splitter/combiner but they aren't cheap for 5W Tx power and at best you have halved the power going to each antenna. Add to that if the two antennae are too close (say on the bullbar together) you will get some really weird directionality. And while I'm on that, I...
  19. Gidgee

    Planning long tour, unsure of what to buy.

    Main thing is function over form. So many canopies are sporty, but shit to to use. Big side windows are gold, and don't sacrifice carrying capacity with a severely sloped rear window. Buying new means you get to set up the vehicle how *you* want it, so it can be cost effective. I got the value...
  20. Gidgee

    New to Australia, from Mexico.

    You're going into the deep end with those. Given you've not driven in Australia, perhaps look at some of the less remote driving which is just as spectacular (or more so) but far less risk and overheads in terms of self sufficiency and gear required. Also, as Jaye said, there is only a small...