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  1. unko84

    Lithium battery dilemma

    this is what Ive done for my battery setup, my battery isolator solar I have it for the portable solar as most Isolators only can charge from solar or alternator at 1 time. I use a separate solar charger as it can work in with the car running or not, my solar is hard mounted to roof, so with...
  2. unko84

    Ln167 what size tyres are legal/will fit

    have a look at 33 x 10.5 a narrow 33
  3. unko84

    Lithium dual battery issue

    HAVE A look a victron 15 amp charger they have custom charge rates and you can make a custom for lithium battery Change the rates
  4. unko84

    Router/modem for caravan

    star link an option?? only works in the southern states and qld. well thats where there are base stations from my research u can be about 500 km away from base station here is a link to Starlink plans will set you back $139 per month. You'll also need to pay $709 in...
  5. unko84

    Supanova driving lights

    They have the hybrid vs the spot in super nova
  6. unko84

    Unko's little 3 litre patrol

    well I notice i was using a bit of coolant on the last high country trip, my mechanic took the head off, off to the machine shop, then found out the short block it warped as well so a full engine rebuild with arp studs. I have already upgraded my injectors and turbo
  7. unko84

    Unko's little 3 litre patrol

    well update time sennce the last update ive done a bit of the manigan line to stradbroke island in 19 done quick week in the high country and gold fields
  8. unko84

    Outback mud

    was stuck in for 4 days in 2016
  9. unko84

    Lithium dual battery issue

    probably not the correct way to do it, I did a test just like you have, I had to jump start the bms. Started it form the main positive to lithium positive I had a amp meter on the charger it started to charge at 25amp straight away
  10. unko84

    Shock adjustment - Is it even worth it?

    I have koni 90 raid I have them seance 15 they where the best for my 4x4 at the time in the price bracket I wanted to pay the next was kings witch at the time was $1000 per corner and the koni where $500, even with the the shock was to big I had to get full aftermarket suspension because the...
  11. unko84

    show us your camp setups!!

    back on the topic, my camp set up
  12. unko84

    George4x4 recovery?

    i know its not rope but they dabble in rings
  13. unko84

    ITechworld Lithium

    Been good so far, its not my daily ive tested it run flat i found the easiest way to get the bms to fire up is wire fro. Starter to lithium positives. Btw my bus consumption is 5ah runni g freezer, chargers
  14. unko84

    All Things 76!

    be careful with really cheap lithium battery's, the one posted above only has 50 amps usable after reading some reviews, from when i was looking at buying lithium
  15. unko84

    My MPPT battery box

    The original reason was a back up power for black out as where i use to live would loose power quite regularly, was handy for lights at night and to charge small appliances. Lol at sa power network. Now we have one of the biggest battery bank. But now its pritty much a gimic or when i we base...
  16. unko84

    My MPPT battery box

    its hooked up in line with my second battery via a fuse
  17. unko84

    My MPPT battery box

    awesome work!! here is my own power box started off with agm the 20 amp hr was heavy and less portable swapped over to lithium 20 amp take it out of the car more now if camping away from the car
  18. unko84

    My MPPT battery box

    MPPT and PWM are both energy control method used by the charge controller to regulate the current flowing from solar panel to the battery. PWM has a cheap price and a 75% conversion rate, mppt ask a higher price, but, the latest MPPT can get a huge conversion rate improvement which up to 99%...