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  1. extremelimitsoff

    Staun tyre deflators

    Thanks have corrected it Have corrected the Tanami Pump link many thanks
  2. extremelimitsoff

    Staun tyre deflators

    Extreme Limits Offroad Goldrush Thanks we do try very hard to deliver on customer service
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    I am looking for a "Offroad GPS

    Hi yes Oziexplorer
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    I am looking for a "Offroad GPS

    HEMANavigator I use a HEMA Navigator HN5i in car with the Hema explorer (cut down Ozi) with the full version on my laptop Great unit both on and offroad
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    Dual Battery Monitor

    Pillar Pods and Gauges Hi We at extreme Limits Offroad can supply Pods and Gauges to suit a wide range of makes and models Please see Pods and Gauges for the listing of those available Yes these gauges are expensive, but the quality always is We have never had a gauge...
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    Dual Battery Monitor

    Pillar Pods and Gauges Hi all I will post up some in on the pillarpod and gauges Cheers
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    OziExplorer Tutorials

    Ozi Great info site Have added to favs
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    Tanami Pumps

    Hi all Sorry for the absence, have been watching and reading threads with the accasional message from GOLDRUSH, thanks Cliff NEWS on the Range of Tanami Pumps We have been working hard to get the range ready for East Coast distribution through the larger camping and auto accessory...
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    Best online 4WD store

    Online Stores Hi there are many online stores out there, including mine There are good prices to be had but best advice is shop around, get a feeling of whom you are buying from by sending an e mail or 2 We do offer discounted parts and ship worldwide...
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    Tanami Pumps

    Hi all below the ad soon to be in 4WD Action Comments welcome
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    Waypoints and routes

    Looking for a set of waypoints and routes for the Simpson Desert for use with a Garmin Quest Anyone out there have a plot please let me know Cheers
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    Roof Racks - pre order

    Hi all Have a limited opportunity on roof racks Steel ROOF RACK - 125 x 220 x 20 - 50Kg Gutter mount adjustable The roof racks are rugged looking and extremely well made and will serve you through a lifetime of adventures The rack will handle the rugged terrain of the Australian...
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    Tanami Pumps

    Hi all Have not been around much latley, busy getting the Tanami Pumps back to market. We have available Tanami Pro- suits metal jerries Canning 205/60 - suits 205 0r 6-lt drums Almost ready to go is the Birdsville to suit the willow plastic jerry can
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    Dyneema Winch Rope with Alloy Fairlead

    Hi Guys Sorry been off line for a while Getting the TANAMI and CANNING pumps on the go see Tanami Pumps | Tanami Pro | Canning Pump Keep an eye out in 4wd Action next issue for the Tanami Pump adverts Have a new source for Dyneema winch rope 40m x 9.5mm with alloy fairlead...
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    Synthetic Winch rope 10mm x 40 Metres

    Rope No no takers at all Can still get the rope will have to check price though
  16. extremelimitsoff

    Tanami Pro - Fuel Transfer Pump

    Hi all Now available is the Tanami Pro Fuel Transfer Pump The units look great and work a treat, No more lifting Jerries to the filler point. Tanami Pro - Fuel Transfer Pump Never Lift A Jerry Can Again!! No moving parts Runs with 12 V air compressor or foot/hand pump...
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    orchid beach anzac day long weekend

    Could be in will have to check whats on
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    Tanami Pump

    Tanami Pump is released Hi all The tanami is now available and ready for shipping Have a look at Tanami Pumps | Tanami Pro | Canning | Birdsville | Eyre | Pilbara | Wilcannia | Fraser
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    Carbon Fibre Bonnet to suit Nissan Patrol

    Carbon Fibre Bonnet Yes you are right, for competition use only sorry should have put that in the initial post
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    Carbon Fibre Bonnet to suit Nissan Patrol

    Hi all Have available Carbon Fibre Bonnets to suit Nissan Patrol series 1, 2, 3 and 4 Sell price 1100.00 plus shipping Items are located in Melbourne and will ship via courier Interested give us a bell Pics to follow soon