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  1. TonyF8

    HEMA HX2

    Sorry I have taken so long to reply, but been out of service, Logan's before Nolan's to start with, and if you head into the Holyroyd area on the Cape, you mays well throw their maps out the window
  2. TonyF8

    HEMA HX2

    No mate, hema have actually left off some iconic crossings on Cape York as well
  3. TonyF8

    Doing it for the Drought Cape York 2022

    Cheers for that mate, its looking good for next year being even bigger, Pasty and a lot of other businesses up there have asked me to bring the "Droughtie circus to town again next year, and Jimmy will be bringing the rest of the band this time, I'm glad you had a good time.
  4. TonyF8

    Doing it for the Drought Cape York 2022

    With the resounding success of Doin it for the Drought Cape York 2021, where we raised more the $20,000 in 3 weeks for the mental health of drought stricken farmers, we are going to be doing Cape York 2022, 6 vehicles and 2 support vehicles will be spending 18 days on Cape York, all the good...
  5. TonyF8

    First Aid while 4wding

    I'm actually amazed, no one has mentioned imodeum and biz-pectin, two things that will go along way to relieving the symptoms diarrhoea, that can easily come about, dehydration is something that can become fairly critical when suffering from the trotts
  6. TonyF8

    I put an upright fridge in my wagon..

    The only problem with upright fridges, is they dump the cold air located at the bottom of the fridge as soon as you open the door
  7. TonyF8

    Map Apps Whats a good one

    2x for memory map, have used it for years, all over Australia
  8. TonyF8

    Engel fridge/freezer, MRFT-540-A4

    I think you will find the seals are common among the fridges, for example, the seal on my 40lt 22 year old Engel is the same a s on my 4 year old 27lt
  9. TonyF8

    Need some help please - No power over 2000 rpm

    Try the Facebook page 1HZ Owners Australia, they are some smart blokes on that page
  10. TonyF8

    Cape York West Coast

    You could always turn off just south of Musgrave HS and take the Dixie Oriners road, end up crossing the Mitchell River at the Dunbar crossing and then carry onto Karumba and Normanton
  11. TonyF8

    Looking for offroad campsite within 5-6 hrs Cairns

    Wikicamps is your friend for this.
  12. TonyF8

    Hema hx-1 vs Vms

    2x for what Kippie said.
  13. TonyF8

    Cape York June 2020

    Thanks for the enquiry Tim, there is one thing everyone must have, and that's a sense of humour. Apart from that, no there is nothing special apart from a suitable vehicle, we have 3 support vehicles, all first responders and a mechanic. Unfortunately the COVID virus has put a speed hump in...
  14. TonyF8

    Dual battery system

    The answer is, When the battery voltage drops to around 13.5 Volts, the alternator will be turned on (connected to the battery). This will cause the battery to charge until it reaches around 14.5 Volts, at which time the alternator will be turned off (disconnected). That's what...
  15. TonyF8

    Cape York June 2020

    You want to allow at least 3 days on the OTL, you only mention Bertie and Sam creeks, there is only really 3 entry points to the OTL, Palm creek at Bramwell Junction, Heathlands which brings you in just north of Gunshot and where the OTL crosses the Bamaga Road. If you are intending to go out...
  16. TonyF8

    Be careful with your dog in the bush .

    Do not think just because an area isn't signposted as 1080 baited, crows will carry the baits many kilometres from where they have been laid, this is how Bonny, Malcolm Douglass dog died. There have been many cases of this happening on the north coast of WA
  17. TonyF8


    It's a t-max winch, hope that helps
  18. TonyF8

    Thomas 8000lb electric winch

    As dno67 said, start slowly and photo everything, you will probably find most of your problems are in the end cap, should only need a degrease and a good greasing and your set. I do a partial service on mine every year and still going strong after 17years
  19. TonyF8

    Tackle advice

    All I can say is anywhere above a line between Rockhampton and Broome, would be not to leave out the legendary gold bomber, i did the big lap in 97, and carried 7 rods, 3 egg beaters 2 to 15 kg (the girl liked to fish too) 3 overheads 5 to 15 kg and a surf rod. Didn't have the options of soft...
  20. TonyF8

    cape york

    Seriously, i wouldn't even think about going with a company nowadays, i used to run tag a long tours up the the Cape and the Gulf in the late 80's and through the 90's, and had untold satisfied clients, but the whole game has changed now and the Cape is so much more accessible, as is the...