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  1. ipch

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    My wife and i are both 73yo. and i would like to see someone try to push either of us over. As for shotgun, i doubt that.
  2. ipch

    Lowering with a winch

    The only problem i see is that your winch has a brake in the out direction. As you lower the pump the winch will be working against the brake. With a lot of continued use the brake will eventially ware out but as you said this doesn't happen very often. Go for it i say but just be aware...
  3. ipch

    Auxilary fuel tank.

    I have an auxilary fuel tank in the head board and i need to plumb it into the main tank. Question is. Can I Tee into the main tank breather line, or do need to weld a separate inlet to the filler pipe.? Ian.........
  4. ipch

    Petrol at Kingoonya?

    Give the pub a call..However i dont think you will have trouble getting petrol.
  5. ipch

    Who to vote for?

    Liberal Democrats for me as i am also a hunter and my own preferances right down to labor and the greens last.
  6. ipch

    Daytime Running Lights -DRLs

    I seem to remember DRLs. are required to turn off automatically when headlights are turned on. I may be wrong but something worth considering.
  7. ipch

    Simpson Geo Centre and Geo Surveys Hill

    Just a couple of tips for you guys. Firstly, dont purchase a desert pass until you get there. That is, buy at Mt. Dare or birdsville. This way if something goes wrong you haven't lost any money. Secondly on fuel consumption. Where you can, travel in high range and change up to 4th gear at...
  8. ipch

    Are LSDs being phased out?

    Traction control or stability control has replaced the LSD. and in some cases work just as good as a locker. Electronic features such as down hill assist and turning assist would just be inpossable with a LSD. Its a sign of the times and we simply adapt to new technology or stick to...
  9. ipch

    Mt Fitton to Beverly Uranium Mine track

    Yeorgos.........We didn't go to the water hole or the hut as we had to get back home before we were locked out with border restrictions..
  10. ipch

    UHF channels (busy when radio is turned on)

    How close are your speaker wires to your UHF. or power supply?
  11. ipch

    Mt Fitton to Beverly Uranium Mine track

    Travelled that way Aug. last year.. The track from Mt. Freeling was really easy going and the scenery to me magic. A lot of people camp on the creek about 20k. further on towards Moolawatana, another great camp site and has walking tracks. The road continues and is extremely good being miming...
  12. ipch

    UHF channels (busy when radio is turned on)

    I would say the wiring to your UHF. is too close to your radio wiring. Do not earth to another radio of any sort and try powering your UHF. with a jumper wire from the radio, out through the door to the battery to prove the problem. Its quite common for radios of any sort to pick up...
  13. ipch

    Camper trailers - Which one to buy?

    Had a look at them all at a recent camping show. My son in law is ready to pull the trigger on a Silverback.. Impressive with air con, heater and air inflated annex. The unit can be also pressurised for travelling on dirt roads to keep dust out. Another feature is a second water tank across...
  14. ipch

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    Well the colour of the car might be right but deffinately not the right trailer.
  15. ipch

    Grease Advice

    My set up is the same as yours except for the trailer. I carry one grease gun and lube the spring shackles at least once a week with Mollybond. Molly. will cover springs, ball joints, uni joints and anything that has a silding surface and that includes CV's Wheel bearings should have a...
  16. ipch

    Grease Advice

    Mollybond for leaf springs but ok for everything else. Be sure to wipe any excess grease from anywhere that might get on your clothes. Its a black grease and you will wear itr for ever.
  17. ipch

    Disappearing waterfall - Victoria

    Underground. waterfall......Mitchell Flats Mansfield Jamieson area Vic.
  18. ipch

    Wiper Blades

    Clean your windscreen with WD40..The water beads and it stops all the chatter.. It doesn't last for ever but just a simple job.
  19. ipch

    Being charged for exporting from your solar panels.

    Charging to put power back into the grid will only backfire and push power prices up for consumers that don't have solar. For example I have solar and only pay a power bill in winter when I have minimum charge from the sun. IF I am charged to supply the grid it would then be an option for me...