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    Hi from South West WA

    Traveller and Bludnut Thanks for that and there are quite a few here, some worth sharing. Tim
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    Track Files

    Hi As I live in the South West of WA I have checked out some of the tracks here and all I get is the start point. Where is the trip log/file/map? Looking at Canning Stock Route (We travelled last year, Nanga Heritage trail, travelled a few years ago, and the trip from Pemberton, travelled...
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    What GPS equipment does everyone use?

    Laptop running ozi explorer and GPS mouse, with paper maps carried as back ups. Tim
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    Hi from South West WA

    Hi From the South West of WA in the hills behind Bunbury. We have a 100 series and Pioneer Camper Trailer, and a member of the local 4WD Club. Looking forward to see this site develop and help with some of our bigger trips over East in the coming years. Tim
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    Recovery Virginity

    Not as bad as some on here, but here it is anyway. New to us, but not a new hilux dual cab. Dirt track from North West Hwy turn off near Goldsworthy, (to Tichlea for those who know the area), recent heavy rain, just before cyclone season. I had recently been there on a fishing trip and...
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    Equipment to take out on your first trip out

    Hi With the snatch strap and rated shackles are important, but so is a "rated" recovery point on the front and rear of the vehicle. Nothing worse than tearing a bull bar off, or as in the Toyota add for their spare parts, the front diff of your vehicle (tractor in the add). Something else...
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    Things to put in your First Aid Kit

    Nickj Snake bite kit would be covered by the crepe/elastic bandage and a splint As most of us travel with a fridge, carry one of those gel packs, or get an instant ice pack, Good for sprains and strains. Tim
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    Things to do before your first trip offroad

    A few more Every trip needs a loop The track your looking for is "not this one but the one 100m ahead" Your not lost until you run out of fuel. Enjoy yourself :D Tim