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    Suzuki Jimny - what's your experience with them?

    I had one of the early ones when I was young and single. It was at wo stroke and had a bottle on the side of the carby you filled with 2 stroke oil and would mix itself. Wouldn't go over 80 km on the road but couldn't bog it if you tried in the scrub.
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    Pedders GVM Upgrade

    Had mine done in 2018 on a 2010 Hilux extra cab have had no problems covered a lot of hard km with a slide on camper installed
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    Meaning Behind Your Username

    Poppygrumps as the wife thinks I'm a grumpy old man
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    Fire trails around the Cotter area

    Sounds like the old entry track when Tralee stock cars where on
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    Stockton Beach info as of today

    I used to buy them at the Caravan Park in Anna Bay
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    Question on status of power line track in Brindies

    Is Folly Farm the xmas tree farm?
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    brindabellas A.C.T in 2 weeks anyone

    You might want to check with the local authority's as last I heard was that a majority of the brindies were closed to the public. Mcintyres and lovells flat were closed and not to sure where else.