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    George4x4 recovery?

    I have a bit of George stuff - winch extension, bridle, soft shackles - and none of it is labelled as rated. I kept it, but after someone who helped me on one occasion refused to use it, I now wish I hadn't.
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    Flat Roof rack - which brand

    I just watched the Thompson and Dahl vids, makes me glad I bought a Front Runner. I was tossing up between Rhino Rack and Front Runner, chose FR because even back then (5 years ago) I could not see the engineering validity of pop rivets holding down 80kg. I note that the current FR...
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    Tanami Track

    30 PSI is way too high for the description of the conditions. With 1100kg on each wheel of my single axle van, I set them to 23PSI cold for corrugations and will consider lower if necessary. BFG KO2 LT All Terrains.
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Another thing that pisses me off is the unending requests to complete a survey after the most trivial of transactions or phone queries.. I get a parcel delivered and it's "How did we do today? Please complete this short survey." , the parcel arrived, I got an email from you telling me so...
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    "And it's gold, gold, gold for Petunia!"
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    4G in our house is crap and intermittent so we keep a landline so we can phone out if we have to. Due to phone spam and scams, like Nicole from the NBN and others from a dusky nation very west of AUS we don't answer incoming calls. The phone is set to go to voicemail on the first ring...
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    Have a look at this video from Robert Pepper, probably the best 4WD/motoring journo around, for a general explanation of GVM upgrades etc. Then have a look at this page on the Lovells website, especially the FAQ. Lovells have upgrade kits to suit many vehicles. They are not the only people...
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    Best polish for pinstripes and scratches

    The ute and camper are there for a purpose, but I still like to keep them looking as good as possible. I used Road Warrior Plus on both prior to a 4 month outback trip which involved many km of narrow tracks in the bush. It smells and looks like white PVA glue, goes on with a sponge roller and...
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    Battery chainsaws

    For a while Bunnings was selling Victa battery powered stuff. I had some of their cordless lawn care gear so I bought a Victa 40V 16 inch chainsaw specifically for the truck/camper. It's great. They also make an 80V version (2 x batteries). Batteries are 4Ah. It eats 6-8 inch hardwood like...
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    PK Ford Ranger won't start

    That could well be the problem. The manual for my 3.2 BT50 (same as PX Ranger) says the CPS CANNOT be re-used because it calibrates its clearance with the moving part (the reluctor, if you're interested) on installation. It has a plastic tip that wears off to provide the correct sensor...
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    Ford Ranger real world fuel economy

    I agree about fuel being a minor factor, Joe. Reliability and robustness is more of an issue. I just wish mine hadn't shat an engine. Mazda came good, but it's done nothing for my confidence in the vehicle, especially for long distance remote area travel, which is what I like to do.
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    Ford Ranger real world fuel economy

    2014 BT50 XTR, 3.2 auto, alloy tradie canopy filled with storage system and camping stuff and second battery, ARB bar and winch, 265/70-17s, GVM upgrade to 3500 (heavier leaf packs and coils). I never empty it out. Sits all the time at 3.2 tonne with 140 litres fuel and 70 litres water. Speed...
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    Is this the beginning of the end for the cape .

    This arrived in my inbox yesterday. And this today.
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    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    Yeah, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on the speed issue. I've finished too. Thanks for the "talk"
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    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    Ahhh, Joe, I can see where you're coming from now. And now we've gone from Speed Limits to Weight limits;) Do those bridge and town signs say "load limit" or do they refer to GVM and GCM? Link If "Load limit" they expect you (and me) as the driver to know the weight of your vehicle at the...
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    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    Thanks Toyasaurus. Hope you're not too wet down there.
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    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    Toyasaurus, whether it's a truck or a ute or whatever and what licence you need is irrelevant to the speed issue. And it doesn't matter how the GCM and GVM are derived. It could be any of the methods you quoted, but once it is established to be over 4.5 tonnes, that is what has to be applied...
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    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    No, because it is captured by GVM. A truck with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more can be can be under 4.5 tonnes if it is empty. But it is captured by the 4.5 tonne GVM rule. Exactly the same for a ute (or truck or anything) when towing. Once it is towing it is captured by the GCM rule. If the...
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    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    Sorry mate, on that we disagree. GCM is NOT calculated at the present time. Your combination mass is but your GCM is not. The GCM is the number in the manufacturer's specs and it's fixed. And the rule hangs on GCM. I don't think I can contribute much more, but I hope our discussion prompts...
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    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    I'm sorry mate. I don't think I have got it wrong ;) Look at the definition of GCM in the link I gave you and copied in my post. Your GCM is NOT calculated when you are towing. That would be your combination mass on the day you are towing. There is no such thing as MAX GCM. There is just...