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    Winter Escape to the Kennedy Ranges

    So now I know why Dr JC wasn't answering his phone when I rang. That's a good bit of country out that way Karl. Thanks for sharing.
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    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    Well it was advertised but didn't happen on WA TV. To make matters worse it was also advertised as repeats. :(
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    New to Australia, from Mexico.

    Hi Chabre, have a check with Aus Immigration's because if they get a whiff that you will be or maybe doing any work and you only have a tourist visa they won't let you in. They are very strict. I have all the Lifestyle Video Productions DVD's and they are excellent. Canning Stock Route has...
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    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    All 4 Adventure is back on next Sunday with a new season of shows.
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    Googs track vehicle requirements.

    Jackolux, I think we met you guys on the track last year I was in a Troopy and my mate in his 79 series. My mate in the ute had a chat to you guys and you mentioned about the corrugations further north from where we were? Anyway as you may have gathered by now we were travelling South to North...